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Castlevania: Ring of the Heavens is an integrated progressive Castlevania spinoff slot game for the Concerto Crescent.


After making his way to Dracula's Castle and facing Dracula and defeating his minions in Castlevania: Valiant Guardian, Hector finds himself locked out of the throne room. He proceeds to search for the key and then re-enters the throne room. There, he fights Dracula again. After dealing him some damage, Dracula transforms into his Second Form and the battle continues until he is defeated. This story parallels Trevor Belmont's similar battle with Dracula depicted in Castlevania: Labyrinth of Fire.


Starting game[]

Before starting the game, the player should select an amount to bet per line (the game is available in fixed 20, 30, and 40 line configurations) that is used to determine the amount of line winnings, plus a mandatory extra bet (+10 - blue, +20 - green, +30 - yellow, +40 - orange, or +50 - red), which is used to make it more likely that the player gets a Jackpot.

A board with a diamond shaped path on top of high castle walls outside of Dracula's Throne Room (Jackpot Feature) is visible before starting the game with Hector placed on one of the squares. During the Castlevania Feature, Hector has the opportunity to move clockwise on the board as determined by the number obtained with the spinning wheel placed within the path. If he lands on an activated bat-shaped Jackpot Feature square, the Throne Room is unlocked, the Jackpot Feature begins and the player has a shot at winning the Mini, Major, Mega, or Maxi Progressive Jackpot amounts seen at the top of the screen. The number of Jackpot Feature squares activated depends on the amount of the extra bet made. The top corner is activate if at least 10 credits are bet, the right corner is activated if at least 20 are bet, the bottom if at least 30, and the left if at least 40. If 50 credits are bet, the midway square of each of the four sides of the path is activated.

Once the minimum required bet has been met between the line bet and extra bet (70 credits for a 40 line configuration machine), the player can start the game.

Normal play[]


Jackpot feature

If five wilds of any kind appear in a row, the screen moves upward, then downward, and a large payout is given with fanfare.

Free game feature[]

When three or more Blue Gems appear anywhere on the reels, a voice says "Castlevania" and the Free Game Feature Begins. The player is awarded up to 20 free games depending on the number of Blue Gems that appeared (8 for 3 gems). The first reel is stacked full of a many Hector wild symbols, making it much more likely that a Wild Feature will trigger, and a rendition of the "Baljhet Mountains" audio track is played.

Wild feature[]

If three wild (Hector) symbols appear stacked in the first column, the Wild Feature is activated. Many extra wild symbols will be added to the second, third, and fourth reel for the next several spins. These extra wilds are added "on top of" the rest of the symbols in that reel (instead of being inserted between them) and overwrite the symbol that would normally appear in that slot. The reel continues to spin after the wilds have been placed.

Castlevania feature[]

The Castlevania Feature is activated whenever a Spinning Wheel symbol appears in both the first and the last reel. When the first symbol appears, suspensful sounds are often played in anticipation of whether or not the second one will appear. The player is then able to move around the board while a rendition of the "Mortvia Aquaduct" plays in the background. The player is granted three spins of the wheel, which consists of two sets of 1 to 6. For each spin, the player moves the number of spaces indicated on the wheel. If they land on a $ symbol, they are awarded a cash prize or additional spins. If they land on a bat symbol, they unlock Dracula's Throne Room and the Jackpot Feature commences.

Jackpot feature[]

When a key is found during the Castlevania Feature, the Jackpot Feature commences. Hector is seen entering Dracula's throne room and faces off against Dracula. Hector is given 5 Hearts as a life bar, and Dracula is given 10 Hearts. They trade blows using attacks seen in Castlevania:Curse of Darkness, while parts of the audio track Dracula -The Second- is played in the background. A single special single row reel is used to the outcome of their battle. Each time it lands on a Hector symbol, Hector attacks. Likewise, each time it lands on a Dracula symbol, Dracula attacks. If an attacks lands, the opponent loses some life hearts. Dracula's life meter is divided up into four sections, representing the type of progressive prize that will be won, Mini (3 hearts), Major (3 hearts), Mega (3 hearts), and Maxi (1 heart). If Hector deals any damage, he is guaranteed to win at least a Mini prize. If Dracula loses any of his life hearts in the Major range, Hector is guaranteed to win at least a Major Prize. At this point, Dracula will transform into his second form, and the music changes to Metamorphosis to the Black Abyss of Death. If Dracula loses any hearts in the "Mega" range, Hector is guaranteed to win at least a Maga Prize. If he loses his last heart, Hector is victorious and claims the Maxi Prize. If Hector loses all his life hearts, he is defeated, and collects the highest level prize that he has earned.




  • Although the product description talks about seeking the "lost ring of Castlevania", it is more likely that the "Ring of the Heavens" refers to the diamond shaped path that is taken outside of Dracula's Castle at the beginning of the bonus game, as depicted in the game's logo.

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