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Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth - Original Video Game Soundtrack is the vinyl release of the soundtrack to Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth released for the Wii (WiiWare). It was published by Ship to Shore PhonoCo. and features a 1XLP with the arranged tracks from several previous Castlevania games.

Track list[]

Side A
  1. Start BGM [Title] (From "The Legend of Dracula")
  2. Map [Demo] (From "Devil's Castle Dracula XX")
  3. Reincarnated Soul [Stage 1] (From "VAMPIRE KILLER")
  4. Gauntlet [Mini-Boss]
  5. A Lullaby Sent to the Devils [Stage 2] (From Arcade "Devil's Castle Dracula")
  6. New Messiah [Stage 3] (From "The Legend of Dracula II")
  7. Load BGM [Stage 4] (From X68000 "Devil's Castle Dracula")
  8. Player Out [Miss] (From SUPER FAMICOM "Devil's Castle Dracula XX")
Side B
  1. Aquarius [Stage 5] (From "The Legend of the Devil's Castle")
  2. The Final Battle [Boss] (From Arcade "Devil's Castle Dracula")
  3. Stage Clear [Stage Clear] (From FAMILY COMPUTER "Devil's Castle Dracula")
  4. Vampire Killer [Stage 6] (From FAMILY COMPUTER "Devil's Castle Dracula")
  5. Riddle [Last Boss] (From "The Legend of the Devil's Castle")
  6. Stage Clear [All Stages Clear] (From SUPER FAMICOM "Devil's Castle Dracula")
  7. The End of the Day [Ending] (From "The Legend of Dracula II")
  8. Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth - Another Medley


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