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Castlevania: Warrior of Darkness is a Castlevania spinoff slot game produced by Konami Australia Ltd. based on Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It was first showcased back in 2016 at the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) 2016 event along with Castlevania: Vampire Hunter, approved in 2017, and released in 2019. The game is only available in Australia.


This game features a playable Hector on a quest to defeat Dracula. Hector first prepares by using his forging skills. He then makes several visits to Dracula's throne room, where he may fight Skeletons (including a Golden Bones and possibly a Final Guard), a Wyvern, or ultimately Dracula himself. This game parallels Trevor Belmont's similar quest in Castlevania: Vampire Hunter.




Free game feature[]

If 3 or 4 Dracula's Castle symbols (found on reels 2 through 5) appear anywhere on the screen, 5 or 10 free games is awarded, while a rendition of the "Baljhet Mountains" theme is being played in the background. During these spins, the first reel will appear in red and will spin first. Giant versions of each symbol found on that reel will flash by and then appear on the upper screen. Only those symbols will then appear on the remaining 4 reels, plus some Dracula's Castle and Battle Bonus symbols. If a Dracula's Castle symbol is found anywhere on the screen during a free game, 2 more free games are awarded. Getting a Battle Bonus symbol on the first reel makes it highly likely that a Battle Bonus Feature will occur.

Battle bonus feature[]

If you get 3 or more Battle Bonus symbols anywhere on the screen, the Battle Bonus Feature will start. Hector to makes it to Dracula's throne room and a rendition of "Vampire Killer" starts playing in the background. However, which enemy greets him there depends on how many Battle Bonus appeared on the screen. If it was 3 to 5, Skeletons will be fought, with a Golden Bones at the end. Defeating them results in a Mini Bonus being won (20 times the bet). If it was 6 to 8, the Wyvern will be encountered and a chance to win a Minor Bonus if victorious (50 times the bet). If it was 8 or 9, Dracula himself will be fought, with a Major Bonus won if victorious (200 times the bet). Occasionally, a different enemy will appear. The reward for defeating this enemy is a progressive jackpot, either a Mega or Maxi.

The enemy is given a large health bar and the player is given several spins on a special battle reel (five reels with a single row), depending on how many Battle Bonus symbols were visible. Hector attacks the enemy each time a sword symbol appears on any reel. The enemy loses one health unit for each attack that lands. Smaller prizes are placed after every three health bar units, which are revealed and obtained if it loses that amount of health. Occasionally an Infant Fairy will appear an give Hector bonus spins. If Hector runs out of spins, the feature is over and Hector is awarded all the prizes he acquired due to whittling down the enemy's health. If the enemy runs out of health, Hector is awarded with the bonus for that enemy and the credits are rolled.



  • The name Warrior of Darkness is a description of the playable character of this game, Hector.

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