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Castlevania 64 alternate intro.

The creation of Castlevania for the Nintendo 64 was plagued with issues stemming from its rushed development. Originally a much larger game, it had much of its original content cut from it, with a chunk of it being used to create its expanded "prequel", Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness. Prior to the decision to pare the game down, several items, characters and more were developed and coded into the beta version of game before being scraped in the final release.

Missing characters[]

Originally, Castlevania was meant to have four playable characters: Reinhardt Schneider, Carrie Fernandez , Cornell and Coller. While the first three made it into one or both Castlevania and Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, Coller was ultimately left out. His design was meant to be that of an artificial man with a chainsaw for one hand and a gun in the other; designs that later ended up being split between the Gardener monster and Henry Oldrey.

Coller would have also had his own sub-boss to fight, though only one image of her is available and it's unknown what much of her story, attacks or abilities would have been beyond being Coller's rival, as she seems to have been a concept that wasn't fully created in-game or was cannibalized early in development for other enemies.

Cut sub-weapons and items[]

Several sub-weapons were originally in Castlevania's prototype version, to the point of showing up in game magazine previews, that were ultimately cut from the final commercial release. These include a Wooden Stake, a Rose and Garlic. There is no information as to what any of these items' uses would have been, although all three items were used in Bram Stoker's Dracula novel as effective deterrents against vampires.



There were also to be a number of unused items through the game that were taken out of the final release. The "Engagement Ring" item had no description, but may have been something to give to another character. The "Potpourri" item was to cure a status effect of fossilization (petrification), the "Incandescence" item could "highlight's player's focus for a fixed period", and was perhaps a temporary buff for the player. These items were not given their own icons and instead were represented as varying sizes of the money bag when accessed via GameShark in the game's memory.

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