References to the Castlevania series

Belmont Crest

First seen in Season 1, Episode 2 "Necropolis", Trevor Belmont bears the Belmont Crest in his shirt. Which in turn is a simplified version of the Belmont Crest seen in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Trevor vs. Alucard

At the conclusion of Season 1, Episode 4 "Monument", Alucard has a fight with Trevor, but later he decides to join forces with him and Sypha Belnades against Dracula. This is possibly a reference to the fight between Trevor and Alucard and its conclusion in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

Hector's Warhammer

To forge night creatures, Hector uses a hammer, which design is based on Warhammer, one of the weapons available to Hector in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.

Magician's artifacts

Various artifacts in the Magician's inner sanctum are references to objects from the games.

References to other media

Stone Mask

In Season 3, Episode 2, "The Reparation of My Heart", the shopkeeper in Tunis specializing in mystical objects Isaac speaks to can be seen cleaning or polishing a mask that looks similar to the Stone Mask from the manga/anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Notably, the mask is green with red and gold decor, as opposed to carved grey stone, and lacks fangs.

Vampire magic book

The book on vampire magic and philosophy that Lenore gave to Hector uses text translated into Latin from Bram Stoker's 1897 Gothic novel Dracula.

Reconstructed text

Hic est de quo scriptum
est diversa, hic est non duo
quaedam vitae communis. Et cum percussi
aspicerent sanabantur vampirecum fuit in stu-
pore ===tis ======= somnum. O vos satus,
non? ========== Joannes autem vos scire
quod == ejus post-quam in stupore mentis,
pote? =====s sanguine sumpturus accedam.
Denique mortua ==== mentis, et in stupore mentis
Mortuus est un etiam. Sic est omnis, qui se ab in
vicem differunt. plerum que cum Mortuus Un-de samno
domi". quod est ipse qui fecit lucos de terra comprehen-
sive brachium ejus, et dic ad vampire quid esset
"domus". Quid ostendere faciem eorum, sunt: sed cum esset tam dulcis, ut vadam ad illa(e) q=== =====
Mortuus Un-mortui enim communis nulla. Non est enim malignum vide, et durum facere id =====
=========n somno. Hic convertit in sanguine meo, frigidum et acceptae Van H============
========== et si vere mortuus esset, quam erat in timore Dei ideam ==================
==== mutationem faciem meam, quasi pro gaudio ======

Original text

“Here, there is one thing which is different from all recorded; here is some dual life that is not as the common. She was bitten by the vampire when she was in a trance, sleep-walking—oh, you start; you do not know that, friend John, but you shall know it all later—and in trance could he best come to take more blood. In trance she died, and in trance she is Un-Dead, too. So it is that she differ from all other.

Usually when the Un-Dead sleep at home”—as he spoke he made a comprehensive sweep of his arm to designate what to a vampire was “home”—“their face show what they are, but this so sweet that was when she not Un-Dead she go back to the nothings of the common dead. There is no malign there, see, and so it make hard that I must kill her in her sleep.”

This turned my blood cold, and it began to dawn upon me that I was accepting Van Helsing’s theories; but if she were really dead, what was there of terror in the idea of killing her? He looked up at me, and evidently saw the change in my face, for he said almost joyously

Visible text of the book

Saint Germain's diary

The triangular notepad that Saint Germain is using for his diary is a reference to historic manuscript The Triangular Book of St. Germain.

The diary in the series is using Lorem ipsum type of pseudo-Latin text, while the real manuscript[1] is written in French using a substitution cipher.[2]


Carmilla's cartographer

The map of Greater Styria survey that Carmilla presented to her sisters from the council is signed by her cartographer as Stephen Stark T.X. It's a reference to the lead background artist and supervisor from the Powerhouse Animation studios.


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