Block 1 (ブロック1 Block 1?) is the first level of Castlevania. It consists of the entrance hall, the crypt, and another corridor. It's a very iconic area of the Castlevania series, and has inspired many similar areas that appeared later on.


The stage starts outside the castle; torches can be whipped in order to power up Simon's Vampire Killer. The next screen is a long main hall, where Simon will be attacked by zombies, bats and leopards. After reaching an non-passable wall, it's required to descend down into the water-filled area inhabited by fishmen. This subterranean cavern leads to the other side of the wall. Finally, another long hall not unlike the first part of the stage is entered, with the same enemies.

Stage 1






  • Destroy Zombies by striking them with the whip. However, when they come in groups be prepared by cracking the whip, without stopping. It's important to practice the timing of this technique.
  • Holy Water is effective against the Black Panther. Find it inside the candle at the top of the stairway. If not in possession of Holy Water, remember to whip just before the Panther jumps.
  • A Cross is hidden at the top of the last stairway. This has the power to clear all enemies from the screen at once.
  • The lower level at the end of this stage is a good place to collect points if you have a Holy Water equipped. Killing two zombies with the same holy water attack nets 1000 points. Killing more nets even more points. This can be done repeatedly since the zombies continue to spawn from the right edge of the screen and can easily earn enough points to gain an extra life.

Stage 2



  • Bats flutter toward you in a wave like motion. Because bats fly at different heights, pay close attention to when to whip them. If necessary, strike from the crouching position.
  • As soon as a fishman comes out of the water, quickly hit it before they are able to attack
  • It is possible to fill up your heart meter completely (99) by looping around this stage repeatedly, collecting the 3 Big Hearts along the way. Hearts cannot be carried over to the next stage, but can translate to points after the boss has been defeated.

Stage 3



  • The Invisibility Potion is hidden in the middle of the stairway. Collect it to move fearlessly through the enemies until its effects wear off.
  • The Axe appears when you destroy the candle in the middle of the last stairway.

Phantom Bat

The Phantom Bat flies across the screen and occasionally swoops down to attack Simon. An easy strategy is to use the Axe and the Double Shot which can be found nearby. Make sure not to get cornered by staying in the middle of the room. Dodge its swoop attack by simply moving left or right. An alternative method is to use the Stop Watch when it's near. Make sure to move away when it unfreezes, because it will continue its attack as soon as it can move again.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Castlevania Block 1
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Zombie (jpn) [ edit ]
These are lost souls that walk trance-like straight ahead. Because they move so slowly, you can destroy them with a single crack of your Whip.(*) HP: 1
Exp: 100
Atk: 2
1. Main Hall
Panther CV1C64cv1-pantherAmigacv-leopardPccv-leopard
Black Leopard (Black Panther) [ edit ]
When you come within a certain distance of this enemy, he charges you. He's very fast, so make sure you strike your Whip before he strikes you.(*) HP: 1
Exp: 200
Atk: 2
1. Main Hall
Vambat cv1C64cv1-batAmigacv-batPccv-bat
Vampire Bat (Bat I) [ edit ]
The Bats fly at you moving up and down in a wave-like pattern. Because they don't fly fast, you can adjust to their wave-like motion and knock them down with your Whip.(*) HP: 1
Exp: 200
Atk: 2
1. Main Hall, 4. Catacombs
Fishman cv1C64cv1-fishmanAmigacv-fmanPccv-fman
Fish Man (jpn) [ edit ]
In the water scene, Fish Man suddenly jumps out of the water and sneaks towards you. When he gets close enough, he'll spit fireballs at you from his mouth.(*) HP: 1
Exp: 300
Atk: 2/4
1. Main Hall, 4. Catacombs
Phantom Bat (Vampire Bat [Boss]) [ edit ]
Castlevania (Strategy)
Spreading his wings and moving irregularly, he flies close to you and then retreats. An Axe or Boomerang is more effective than hand-to-hand combat.(*) HP: 12
Exp: 3,000
Atk: 2
1. Main Hall, 6. Clock Tower


Stage Image Description
Stage 1. Code-cv11 Jump over the castle entrance to make a money bag worth 1000 points appear. Jump over it again in order to pick it up.
Stage 1. Stg1 break block After getting past the Black Panthers, jump and whip the block on the far right of the platform to receive a money bag worth 400 points.
Stage 2. 02 Near the beginning of stage 2, walk down the stairs and whip the right brick wall to find a Pot Roast.
Stage 2. Code-cv12 A money bag can be found in section of stage 2 where the Mermen are encountered. At the far right of the screen, jump down and break the block to the left. Jump down and stand on the right brick of the platform. A money bag worth 700 points will appear on the platform above.
Stage 3. 03 In the section where the Phantom Bat is fought, jump up the little platform at the far right of the screen, drop down, and whip the brick to your left in order to obtain a Double Shot or Triple Shot.
Stage 19. Stg19 kneel here This money bag can only be obtained after playing through the game at least once. At the first screen, duck by the second statue to make a money bag worth 700 points appear to the left.
Stage 20. Stg20 stand here After climbing up two set of stairs, defeat the Black Leopard, and stand on the middle brick to make a money bag worth 1000 points appear.
Stage 21. Stg21 1up walk left into wall Near the beginning of stage 21, drop down the platform and stand on the left brick while also facing left. A 1UP will appear on the above platform.


Castlevania Stage 1

Castlevania Stage 1


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