Block 2 is the second stage of Castlevania. It consists of several towers that need to be climbed.


The first part of the stage is occupied by knights and bats positioned all over the place. Simon first has to climb a tower and make his way to the left. This leads to a long hall where Medusa Heads are encountered for the first time. This is followed by an area where Simon has to make several jumps while Medusa Heads come flying in. The next room features three crushing pistons. The hallway above this room is once again filled with endlessly respawning Medusa Heads.

Stage 4


  1. The Boomerang is hidden in the first candle of this stage. Walk to the end of the platform above the first stairway, break the blocks in the wall to the right. Step inside and a flashing crown will appear under the stairway. Climb down to collect it for 2000 points.
  2. If you destroy the Black Knight and the Bat in the first room with a single Boomerang, you will be awarded 1000 points.
  3. Further on ahead, a Black Knight is standing down below. It can be killed easily with Holy Water or an Axe. A Double Shot item can be found if the block on the corner of the platform to the right is destroyed.
  4. One more Spear Knight stands in front of the door at the end of the stage. The best way to defeat him is with flying weapons.

Stage 5


  1. Small Medusa heads appear right away. They move in a wave pattern. Try to whip them when in reach. If this fails, avoid getting hit by quickly jumping over them. A Dagger appears in the candle located near the center of the lower floor.
  2. It is possible to kill three Medusa Heads in the first section with a single Boomerang. Attack the first Medusa Head coming from the left when it swings low, allow the boomerang to continue heading left and destroys the Medusa Head that follows the first one, then jump over the Boomerang as it returns to you and allow it to destroy the Medusa Head that comes from the right. This will reward you 3000 points and can be done repeatedly.
  3. Soon two blocks will appear that are elevated above the rest. A Treasure Chest comes up from the blocks on the right if stood on them. Collect it for 2000 points.
  4. After going up the stairs, wait until the incoming Medusa Heads swoop down, then quickly strike them with the whip. After jumping over the first two gaps, make sure to either crouch and whip the incoming Medusa Head, then jump over the gap, or simply jump over it and the gap at the same time. You can bypass a large section of this floor if intentionally hit while jumping off the floor of the third platform by the passing Head. The Pot Roast at the beginning of the next stage may recover any health lost doing this.
  5. The Pot Roast is hidden in the top-right corner of the section, in the highest step. There is also a Stop Watch in a nearby candle.

Stage 6


  1. There is a Pot Roast in the block at the very beginning of the stage. Crouch and whip the block to the right.
  2. To deal with the spikes, move as soon as the spikes start to ascend (don't wait until they are back at the top). Avoid the second trap by simply crouching.
  3. The Double Shot is hidden in the block at the bottom of the stairs.
  4. A Dragon Skull Cannon's fireball counts as a separate enemy. A single well times holy water attack can destroy two fireballs and the Dragon Skull Cannon, which will give you 3000 bonus points total.


A good strategy is a continuous attack using the whip or Boomerang. Using the Holy Water in combination with a Double or Triple Shot will stun her. Also, the Stop Watch is effective on Medusa as well.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Castlevania Block 2
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
11. Black Knight (Armor) [ edit ]
The Black Knight wanders around back and forth. Because of his thick armor plating, you cannot destroy him with one strike.(*) HP: 2
Exp: 400
Atk: 2
2. Chapel
Vampire Bat [Hanging] (Bat II) [ edit ]
The Bats cling to the ceiling and, when you draw near, come swooping down on you. Before they reach you, prepare yourself.(*) HP: 1
Exp: 200
Atk: 2
2. Chapel
3. Medusa (jpn) [ edit ]
This enemy flies at you in a wave-like pattern. Try to match the timing of its wave with the crack of your Whip.(*) HP: 1
Exp: 300
Atk: 2
2. Chapel, 3. Castle Ruins, 5. Dungeon
Ghost cv1.gifC64cv1-ghost.gifAmigacv-ghost.gifPccv-ghost.gif
Ghost (jpn) [ edit ]
You can destroy him with two strikes of your Whip, but if you fail, he'll cling to you. If you don't destroy him right away, he can be very dangerous.(*) HP: 2
Exp: 300
Atk: 2
2. Chapel, 3. Castle Ruins
Dragon Skull Cannon (Bone Piller) [ edit ]
It stands perfectly still but, at certain intervals, spits fire at you. It takes several blows from your Whip to destroy him. You must avoid the fire bullets while attacking him.(*) HP: 6
Exp: 400
Atk: 2
2. Chapel, 3. Castle Ruins, 5. Dungeon
Queen Medusa (Medusa [Boss]) [ edit ]
Castlevania (Strategy)
A legendary monster with hair made of snakes, she will slowly approach you to try and foil your counterattack. Use the Watch to stop her, then attack fiercely.(*) HP: 12
Exp: 3,000
Atk: 2


Stage Image Description
Stage 4. Code-cv13.gif At the beginning of the stage, walk up the set of stairs, break the brick wall to the right, and walk into the area. A crown worth 2000 points will appear from the floor down the stairs.
Stage 4. 04.png After climbing the first set of stairs, walk to the right, fall in the gap, jump and hit the brick block to the right. A Double Shot or Triple Shot will be revealed.
Stage 5. Code-cv14.gif After entering an area with Medusa Heads, jump up an elevated platform located in the middle. After five seconds a treasure chest worth 2000 points will appear.
Stage 5. 05.png Right before the section with the moving platforms, jump on the platform in-between two higher platforms. Whip the first brick block of the platform on the right to get a Pot Roast.
Stage 6. 06.png In the section with the piston traps drop down and whip the block to the right to find another Pot Roast.
Stage 6. 06 (2).png After getting past the piston traps, destroy the block on the left right before the set of stairs to find a Double or Triple Shot.
Stage 6. Stg6 stand here.gif In the final hallway before the boss, stand between the two pillars surrounding the fourth blue background. After a five seconds a money bag worth 700 points will appear.
Stage 24. Code-level2b.gif This special item can only be obtained after playing through the game at least once. After jumping on the first moving platform the item will appear from the ground below.
Stage 25. Stg25 1up stand here.gif In the section with the piston traps stand between the first two pistons to make a 1UP item appear. It should be noted this also works on the first loop of the Amiga version.



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