Castlevania Music from the Netflix Original Series is the soundtrack to the Castlevania Netflix animated series, composed by Trevor Morris. It features all the music from the first season of the show.

Track listEdit

  1. Main Title
  2. Wallachia 1455
  3. Lisa of Lupu
  4. The True Science
  5. Vlad Searches for Lisa
  6. No More Do I Travel as a Man
  7. There Are No Innocents
  8. Hordes Descend On Targoviste
  9. Murdenu Tavern
  10. Tavern Brawl
  11. Bloody Greist
  12. Bit of Dried Goat
  13. Alley Fight
  14. We Can't Turn Away
  15. Trevor Fights the Cyclops
  16. War for The Soul of Our People
  17. Twilight Descends
  18. I'm Trevor Belmont
  19. Trevor Fights the Mob
  20. Let Me Kiss You
  21. I Fight for Myself
  22. Night Hordes Besiege Gresit
  23. There's an Army of Us
  24. Trevor and Sypha in The Catacombs
  25. Alucard Rises
  26. Trevor Fights Alucard
  27. Hunter, Scholar, Soldier
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