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For the Lords of Shadow timeline, see Lords of Shadow Timeline.

The Castlevania Timeline shows the official chronology of the Castlevania series. It was first revealed in Konami Magazine in 1997. The timeline was intended to be a reference for the developers of Symphony of the Night, and at the time, was not intended to be officially published, as the team felt it would force them to drag on the series. It was based on an earlier timeline created during the development of Castlevania: Bloodlines by the game's director, Toshiki Yamamura.[1][2]

In 1997, the upcoming Castlevania Legends was intended to be the origin story of the series; however, the game was removed from the timeline during development and this was made clear in the next issue of the magazine. The spin-off game Kid Dracula (originally released as Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun) was also included. Likewise, the game was removed from later editions of the timeline. The Konami Akumajō Dracula X Chronicle Official Guide later went on to state there was no story connection with the rest of the series.

Not all Castlevania games are intended to be part of the original timeline. Several games and other media deliberately take place outside of it. They can be classified as a story set in a completely different universe. Castlevania Legends and Lords of Shadow are part of this category. The stories of these games have nothing to do with that of the main timeline and take place in completely different worlds. They often feature alternate incarnations of certain characters, but with different back stories.

The timeline was defined and established by Koji Igarashi during his game development of the series up until he left Konami. Konami reserves the right to use, replace, or change this timeline at any time in the future games.

Main timeline

Leon Belmont's era


The 11th century was a time of knighthood, when the medieval monarchs were waning due to feuding lords and knights. Two of the courageous knights fighting during this period were Leon Belmont and Mathias Cronqvist, who together with Leon's exceptional combat experience and Mathias' skills as a tactician led one of the strongest companies in the realm. Walter Bernhard was a powerful vampire who lived in a castle within a forest covered in eternal darkness. One day, Leon's fiancée, Sara, is kidnapped by this very vampire. Leon renounces his loyalty to the Church in order to save her. In the end, in order to avenge his fiancée's death, he manages to defeat Walter with the Vampire Killer Whip, created from Sara's soul. However, everything was just a plot by Leon's close friend Mathias, who had turned into a vampire in order to defy God, who allowed his wife to die of an illness.[3]

12th-14th centuries

With Leon now walking the path of a Vampire Hunter in pursuit of Mathias, the Belmonts' eternal struggle against evil begins. From generation to generation, the Vampire Killer and the title of Vampire Hunter is passed down. Feared for their powers, they are shunned by society at large and lived in exile. What they also did not realize was that each foe slain only added to the power of Mathias. Meanwhile, Mathias leads a peaceful existence during this time[4] but, growing more powerful over the years, he eventually declares himself King of the Night and changes his name to Dracula Vlad Ţepeş. He continued to hide in foreign lands, biding his time for when he would unleash his dreadful power upon the world.[5]

Trevor Belmont's era

Trevor Belmont - 02

The genocide of humanity begins at the hand of Count Dracula. Alerted to Dracula's existence, a secret team is sent in by the Eastern Orthodox Church to find and eliminate him. All attempts to suppress Dracula end in failure, so faced with no other options, the Church turns to the Belmont family of vampire hunters in hopes they could destroy Dracula. Trevor Belmont begins his journey into the castle and frees the freedom fighter Grant Danasty, the mage Sypha Belnades, and encounters the son of Dracula, Alucard. Joining forces, they succeed in vanquishing Dracula. Sypha then takes Trevor's hand in marriage, while Alucard, pained from killing his own father, submerges into an eternal slumber.[6] Grant spends the rest of his life rebuilding Wallachia.[7]

Cod offart55

Though defeated at the hands of Trevor Belmont, Dracula's curse still ravages the countryside of Europe, bringing with it disease, mob violence and heresy. Amidst this chaos is Hector, a Devil Forgemaster who had formerly worked in the service of Dracula. Yet Hector grew weary and disgusted with the Count's brutal methods and left to live with humans. When his human wife was killed and his fellow forgemaster, Isaac, is implicated in the deed, Hector sets off for Dracula's stronghold to settle the score with him. At the end, it is revealed that Isaac made Hector regain his devil forging powers so that Dracula's Castle would return to the human world. Unbeknownst to Isaac, he himself was being used by Death, Dracula's right-hand-man, as a vessel for his master's reincarnation. Death believed that Hector would kill Isaac and that Dracula's Curse would take control of him, with his body becoming a vessel for Dracula's safe return to Earth. However, Hector realized that his drive for vengeance was caused by Dracula's Curse and resolved that he would no longer be manipulated. Hector did not kill Isaac, which prompted Death to use Isaac's body as an alternative. Hector killed his former master and performed the "Final Forging" where he summoned the essence of the curse and destroyed it. But the mysterious Saint Germain, whom Hector had met earlier, believed that the war will never end and even when all evil is destroyed, there will still be those who will claim evil's mantle again.

Christopher Belmont's era

BR Christopher Jap Cover

Count Dracula, slain 100 years before, is reborn. It's rumored the Bartley family was responsible for this act. It's from this point on that the legend begins: "Once every 100 years, when the faith in God is forgotten, Dracula will come back to life". Christopher, descendant of Trevor, apparently succeeds in vanquishing Dracula.[8]

Though Christopher Belmont had defeated the evil count Dracula fifteen years ago, he did not manage to destroy him, as the count turned himself into mist and managed to escape, building up his energy and biding his time over the years. As Christopher's son came of age, a ceremony was being held to confer the title of Vampire Hunter upon him, so that a father-son team would be formed, but after the ceremony had been completed, Dracula used his powers to take control of Soleil Belmont's mind and then made four castles appear. Christopher vowed to destroy Dracula and return his son to normal, and in the end, he defeated the evil Count, restored his son and the land was returned to its normal balance once again.

Simon Belmont's era

Simon Belmont - 01

Count Dracula is fully revived by the forces of evil for the second time. Simon Belmont defeats Dracula once more, but in the wake of Dracula's death, is struck with a curse.[10]

The curse inflicted upon Simon seven years earlier continues to affect his body, which slowly starts to decay. A mysterious woman appears to Simon while visiting his family's graveyard and is told that Dracula will be revived when the curse kills him. The only way to lift the curse is for Simon to gather the scattered body parts of Dracula and burn them where his castle once stood. Simon successfully gathers and burns all of the five pieces. However, Dracula manifests as a ghost from a sixth piece (his fang[11]). Simon fights valiantly and prevents Dracula's resurrection from taking place.[12]

Juste Belmont's era

Juste Belmont

Fifty years after Simon's battle, Juste Belmont, grandson of Simon, continues the family's vampire hunting tradition and upholds the duty of searching for Dracula's relics. However, his childhood friend, Lydie, is kidnapped and brought to a mysterious castle, which had suddenly risen up out of the mist. Juste's best friend, Maxim, joins him in the search for Lydie inside the castle. However, it turns out that Maxim was possessed by an evil spirit born out of Dracula's remains, which were brought together by him. The castle that had appeared was spawned from Maxim's mind. The evil spirit wished to sacrifice Lydie in order to revive the true castle of Dracula. Combining the strength of the three friends, the evil spirit is defeated, his hold on Maxim disappears and the castle vanishes back into the mist.[13]

Richter Belmont's era

Richter Belmont

Called back to life by the Dark Priest Shaft, Dracula is awakened again. Richter Belmont, descendant of Simon and Juste, sets out to find and kill Dracula and save the women kidnapped from his town, including his fiancée Annette. Aided by Maria Renard, a girl with mysterious powers, Richter prevails over Dracula. However, Richter was left defenseless from his battle with Dracula and Shaft's curse enters his body.[14]

SOTN Alucard Main Portrait

Shaft would continue to exist as a spirit contained within a crystal ball. However, in the five years since the previous battle, Shaft manages to regain power through the curse placed on Richter. After four years, Shaft succeeds in gaining full control over Richter. He plans to revive Dracula with the aid of Richter's powers. Maria sets out to find the missing Richter only to stumble on Dracula's castle which had risen out of the mist. Sensing the rise of evil, Alucard awakes from a 300 year slumber. Thanks to Alucard, Richter is freed from Shaft's influence. Unable to influence Richter further but with enough power to act on his own, Shaft summons Dracula's true castle as an inverted floating version in the sky above the current castle. Shaft lets Alucard collect the pieces of Dracula's body and then uses his own spirit as fuel to summon Dracula himself with them. Alucard battles his father and eventually defeats him as he is using an imperfect form. Maria, Richter and Alucard meet outside as the castle crumbles. Alucard leaves to return to his sleep and Maria decides to leave with him, as she has fallen in love with him. Sometime later, Richter vanishes from history.[15]

The Incubus Magnus plots to make Alucard take his father's place as the Dark Lord. With the combined strength of five vampire hunters, this plan is foiled.

Era of the Belmont clan's absence

In the 1800s, the Belmonts mysteriously disappear. In their place, several organizations are formed to try and find ways to prevent Dracula from returning. The most prominent of these is the Order of Ecclesia.

OoE Shanoa

Shanoa, an Ecclesia member, has been chosen to be the bearer of Dominus, a Glyph that was developed to be used as a weapon against Dracula. Fellow member Albus steals the three pieces that make up Dominus out of jealousy. Shanoa pursues Albus and manages to retrieve the pieces. When she returns to Ecclesia's leader, Barlowe, it's revealed he wishes to revive Dracula with the help of Dominus. He and Shanoa battle, but Dracula's spirit leaks from Dracula's remains, which were stored in Ecclesia's headquarters, and takes control of Barlowe, resulting in Dracula being reborn in a host body. Shanoa heads to Dracula's newly risen castle and confronts him, managing to defeat him in the end.

Quincy Morris' era

Sometime after Alucard's awakening and Dracula's subsequent defeat, Richter, ashamed of being manipulated by Shaft, passes on the Vampire Killer whip kept for so long by the Belmont Clan to the Morris Clan.[16][17]

  • Game: none — 1897 A.D.

Quincy Morris, a distant descendant of Trevor Belmont, keeps Dracula at bay.[18]

John Morris' era


The legendary vampire Elizabeth Bartley, Dracula's niece, suddenly appears in the 20th century. Plotting a sacrificial war in order to bring back her uncle back to life, she orchestrates the beginning of World War I. Quincy Morris' son, John, and his best friend Eric Lecarde, vow to take up the fight against evil. Together they manage to prevent Dracula's full resurrection.[19]

Jonathan Morris's era


The world is in chaos due to the second world war. The souls of the dead roam the earth. Their anguish summons Dracula's legendary castle. Jonathan Morris, son of John, and his ally Charlotte Aulin, step forward to fight evil. They discover a vampire named Brauner, who has claimed the castle as his own. They fight him in order to destroy the castle, but by defeating Brauner, Dracula is freed from the seal that kept him locked away. The Count is defeated once more. [20]

Julius Belmont's era

Julius Belmont - Aria of Sorrow - 01
  • Game: none — 1999 A.D.

On August 11th, a total solar eclipse appears over Eastern Europe. According to a prediction of Nostradamus, Dracula would be revived on this day. The Belmont Clan (which had re-emerged in this era), the Belnades Clan and Alucard all confirm it's indeed the coming revival of the Dark Lord. Awaiting his return, they find the magic in Japan which can even control gods with the power of a solar eclipse. It's Julius, the current heir of the Belmont Clan, who takes up the Vampire Killer to face Dracula. With the secret art of the Hakuba Clan, Dracula's castle is trapped and confined within the darkness of the eclipse. With his source of power and means of resurrection sealed away, Dracula is slain permanently, forcing the dark lord to find a host body to contain himself in.[21]

Era of Dracula's rebirth

Soma Cruz - Aria of Sorrow - 02

It's prophesied that the supposedly perished Dracula would return again. In Japan, in the year 2035 on the night of a solar eclipse, high school students Soma Cruz and Mina Hakuba are transported to Dracula's castle when entering the Hakuba Shrine. When Soma awakes, he finds himself within the confines of the castle. In order to escape the castle, he teams up with Genya Arikado, Yoko Belnades and the amnesic "J" to defeat Graham Jones, who believes he is the new Dracula. When he finally arrives at the throne room, he learns he himself is Dracula reborn after he defeats Graham. To free himself from the chaotic power of Dracula, he has to travel to the chaos realm on the other "side" of Dracula's castle. After managing to liberate himself from Dracula's power and destroying the source of chaos, he escapes the castle together with his friends.[22]

It has been one year since the uproar about Dracula in the eclipse. Soma Cruz is at peace. But a cult leader, Celia Fortner, attacked Soma in broad daylight and tells him to follow her back to Dracula's castle. In order to avoid involving Mina, Soma enters the castle alone. Yoko Belnades, Julius Belmont and Genya Arikado also arrive with the intention of stopping the cult. With Soma's arrival in the castle, Celia begins her plan for the advent of the new Dark Lord. She tries to instigate the revival of Dracula by having Soma embrace his darkness or, if that would fail, having another heir of Dracula's power kill him. Celia fails to get Soma to turn, but is killed later by another candidate, Dmitrii Blinov, who copied Soma's power of Dominance. Yoko, Julius and Arikado help Soma track him down but they are too late. Trying to acquire souls like Soma, he loses control and transforms into a giant monster called Menace, who is comprised of all the souls he collected. After its defeat, Soma returns home.[23]

Julius Belmont's pupil Curtis Lang, together with his ally Michelle Danasty, battles against the rogue vampire Olrox, who wishes to conquer the forces of both humanity and chaos.

Alternate continuity

The following is confirmed to take place in a string of alternate timelines that are closely related to the primary continuity, either being similar to the main sequence of events or somehow spinning off from the series' formal timeline. As gaiden titles, they are not necessarily connected to each other, but they are considered part of the same overall universe as the main timeline.

Sid Belmont, descendant of Trevor, along with his allies Row Danasty, Zouk Belnades and Leila travel to Dracula's castle in order to prevent his resurrection.

100 years have passed since the death of Count Dracula, but the revival of his curse has emerged once again within the realms of Transylvania. Christopher Belmont heads out to save the land.

Christopher Belmont's fiancée, Illyana has been kidnapped by Dracula after his revival by the Bartley Family. Taking the whip kept safe by a family of vampire hunters called the Totoyans, Christopher sets out to rescue Illyana.

It is the classic tale of Simon Belmont versus the reawakened Count Dracula, but these alternate versions of his adventure have very different features compared to the one in the main timeline. For example, one version has Dracula kidnap his bride Selena, and the other has a much longer trek toward Dracula's castle. These splintered timelines have the same overall result, however.

The Belmonts find the hideout of The Order and attempt to stop them before they can revive the Count. Desmond Belmont defeats the leader of this group, Rohan Krause, which only serves as a catalyst for Dracula's return. He then defeats Dracula, but a mysterious force or powerful being keeps Dracula's Castle from crumbling.

Dracula is revived by his followers and it is Richter's destiny to stop him. At the same time, he is forced to save his fiancée Annet and Maria. Maria's powers do not awaken in this timeline and Richter overcomes Dracula on his own.

In an old Austrian castle, the worshipers of Dracula attempt to resurrect their master. Vampire Hunter Morris Baldwin and his apprentices, Nathan Graves and Hugh Baldwin, rush to the castle in an attempt to stop the resurrection, only to arrive a moment too late. Camilla, one of Dracula's minions, has just revived the Count and kidnaps Morris; the two apprentices then plummet down into the depths of the castle. In the end, Nathan defeats Camilla, rescues Hugh and Morris, and defeats the dark lord, Dracula.

Following Dracula's revival, a village is attacked by evil forces, and Ada, the sister of the man-beast Cornell, is taken. Cornell returns to find the town under attack. After finding out about his sister's capture, he rushes to Dracula's castle to find Ada. Ada was to be sacrificed, but Cornell saved her by defeating Dracula, sacrificing his wolf powers in the process. Also includes another interpretation of the events of Castlevania 64.

Dracula is reborn in the body of the child Malus. However, the memories of who he really was were lost. Dracula's forces, unaware which child was their master reborn, kidnapped all of the children from the surrounding villages and brought them to Dracula's revived castle. Sensing Dracula's return, Belmont descendant Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez decided to hunt Dracula. They rescued Malus and believed they defeated Dracula. However, it turned out this Dracula was an impostor and the memories of Malus were restored. He then reveals himself to be the true Dracula. However, he was subdued through the combined efforts of Reinhardt and Carrie.

Simon Belmont, descendant of the legendary Simon who defeated Dracula in the past, accidentally breaks the seal that kept Count Dracula locked away, while shooting a movie about his ancestor's exploits in Dracula's castle.

A Vampire Hunter, a Lady Gunner and a Little Witch join forces to fight the forces of evil. They manage to overcome Dracula in a climatic battle.

Kid Dracula timeline


The Kid Dracula games take place in the "Demon World".

Kid Dracula awakens after a ten thousand year nap to be challenged by Garamoth. He sets forth to put an end to Garamoth's ambitions and keep the takeover of the world for himself.
Garamoth returns after being defeated. Kid Dracula has forgotten most of his skills since then, but Death allows him to borrow some of his father's items to defeat Galamoth once again.

Akuma no Chi Chi no Akumu timeline

The novel Akumajō Dracula: Akuma no Chi Chi no Akumu (translated as "Demon Castle Dracula: Blood of the Demon - Nightmare of Blood") takes place in its own universe. In this world, the Belmonts are not related by blood. Each generation, a "guardian" is born that is destined to take the name of Belmont. Dracula's real name is Claude Runkle in this world.[28]

Dracula is revived by Pierre Baiyan. Simon, Dracula's best friend when he was still human, returns as a Kresnik in order to vanquish him for a second time. Meanwhile, the missionary Dean Silva, tries to save his lover Elizabeth Arye from becoming a vampire.

Legends timeline

Castlevania Legends is an alternate universe story to the Castlevania timeline.[29]

Sonia Belmont's era

Leg sonia2

During the Middle ages there lived a man who wished to obtain power. In the year 1431, this man made a pact with an evil deity who granted him power to conquer the world. From that moment on, the man became a powerful Demon King known as Dracula. For nineteen years, he terrorized Europe with his army of monsters, conquering one nation after the next. Seventeen year old Sonia Belmont, takes up a magical whip left to her by grandfather and swears to avenge him after he was killed by Dracula's minions. During her search, she meets and forms a strong bond with her enemy's son, Alucard. After vanquishing the Count, Sonia vows that if Dracula returns after her lifetime, others will take her place and defeat him. Afterward, she gave birth to a son fathered by Alucard. This child would later defeat Dracula once more.

Pachislot Akumajō Dracula timeline

Trevor Belmont's era

Ent chara01

Same as Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

In this timeline, Hector possibly becomes Dracula's vessel instead of Isaac and Trevor has to stop a revived Dracula. He is aided by Angela, but she is captured and falls under Dracula's influence. Trevor manages to defeat Dracula and saves Angela.

Beyond time

See also Judgment Timeline
Galamoth, the Demon King from an era ten thousand years in the future, wishes to conquer time and sends his servant, the Time Reaper, to assassinate Dracula in order to rule the past. A time traveler and guardian of the timeline, Aeon, gathers powerful warriors from across time in order to prevent a catastrophe.

The Grimoire is a magical book that records the history of Dracula's castle. Certain individuals find themselves trapped in the book and borrow the powers of the heroes which are recorded in the book in order to find a way out.[31]




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