For the general environment, see Catacombs.

The Catacomb is a location and the first stage[2] the player encounters in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


After Camilla destroys the floor below them and having fallen down a large chasm, Nathan and Hugh find themselves in a cavern at the lowest depths of Camilla's Castle. Not wanting him to interfere with his investigation, Hugh rushes forward in search of his father, leaving Nathan behind. After descending a little bit more through the cavern, Nathan reaches the first proper level of the game, the Catacomb. Not long after that, Nathan finds the Dash Boots, which allow him to sprint. Waiting for him at the end of this complex of caves and graves, is the three-headed guardian dog of Hell, Cerberus. After defeating him, Nathan may then claim the Double necklace from the next room, which grants him the ability to perform double jumps.


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  1. Unofficial name obtained through the use of a code in an emulator.
  2. Not taking into account the Sealed Room.
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