The Ceremonial Room is a location in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. These places usually have the same purpose throughout the series, which is to hold sacrificial rituals to resurrect Lord Dracula, or to enhance his powers. The area is located beyond the giant door that resembles a coffin, in the first room of the Sealed Room. This door will remain locked and protected by a magic barrier for most of the game, and finding a way to unlock it is one of the main objectives throughout the story. Once Nathan has acquired the Last Key after defeating Hugh in the Observation Tower, he can return here and unlock the door to enter the Ceremonial Room.


Nathan arrives just in time to save Morris Baldwin, Hugh's father. Dracula greets him and tells him he plans to steal his soul as well, explaining how he manipulated Hugh by increasing his own deepest and darkest desires. Both engage in battle but it's evident Dracula cannot unleash his true powers yet. Nathan subdues him but he manages to open a portal and escapes to another dimension. Hugh arrives at that precise moment and sends Nathan in pursuit of Dracula while he takes his father to safety. Nathan agrees and enters the portal, where both engage in a battle to the death.

Nathan manages to defeat him a second time and both return to the Ceremonial Room. Dracula then tells him he will keep on returning "so long as there is darkness and desire in the soul of man", to what Nathan responds that no matter how many times that happens, he can be sure there will always be someone there, prepared to stop him. Dracula dies and the castle starts to crumble as Nathan heads outside.

The Ceremonial Room is the shortest area of the game, it consists of only three rooms:

  1. The first room is the one right behind the locked door.
  2. The second room is hidden under a breakable floor at the bottom of the first room. There is an HP max inside.
  3. The third and the final room is beyond the door on the upper part of the first room. The first form of Dracula can be fought here.


Ceremonial Room
  • First room of Ceremonial Room
  • Second room of Ceremonial Room
  • Third room of Ceremonial Room

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Ceremonial Room (edit)
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Draculacom Dracula (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
Sealed off from this world by Nathan's parents and Morris, he is attempting to reemerge after 10 years of confinement. Strong: Darkness
HP: 1,100
Exp: 150,000
Atk: 805
Def: 850
Ceremonial Room

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