The Chaos Claws are perfectly designed for exterminating enemies in a short period of time, In order to use them effectively in combat you need to be relentless with your attacks and keep the pressure on the enemies. Most city dwelling enemies have lesser armor than Castle dwelling enemies, this allows you to conserve them for later use specially in harder difficulty game setting. Due to the claws' short reach, the best defense is a smashing offense. Its also important to master synchronized blocking since you won't have much time to dodge due to the close-quarter nature of the weapon.

Keep in mind that you have several special moves that can destroy armor. Moves like the chaos wave can quickly eliminate enemy armor in no time. For enemies that have shields and can fly e. g. Riot Police and Carmilla, use chaos bombs to chip away at the shield at a distance. You can also use chaos bombs to whittle away the health of enemies father away when facing a large group.

Pros and Cons


  • Delivers High to Extremely powerful damage to enemies, depending on its weapon mastery level.
  • Destroys enemy Shields and Armor.
  • Breaks through enemy or Boss guards & blocks.
  • Powerful offense-oriented weapon.
  • Great for players with an aggressive play style.
  • Can damage far way enemies with Chaos Bombs.
  • Opens frozen Doors or Blocked entrance ways,
  • Can eliminate crowds of enemies with Fire cover or Meteorite.


  • Shortest range of all three weapons.
  • Limited Use
  • Cannot generate blood orbs in combat.
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