The Chapel Tower is a location in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It is a vast chapel area consisting of large halls and long hallways. It can only be accessed via the Eternal Corridor.


Intricately beautiful stained glass windows add to the atmosphere of this area, making it a worthwhile scenery among players. Regrettably sad to say, this view has become tainted with the appearances of various beasts which have desecrated the sanctity of the holiness of the chapel, especially Adramelech.

As Nathan opens the door to the boss's room, a badly hurt Hugh is sent flying out. Warning Nathan not to interfere, he's left with no other option than to wait outside while Nathan deals with Adramelech. Once he gets out, Hugh scolds him and talks a bit about his and Nathan's parents history together, telling him that it was the power of the Hunter Whip and not his own skills which really defeated Adramelech.

While one may often consider the Chapel Tower outright useless after navigating most of the area, there are some notable exceptions. For one thing, the Battle Arena can only be visited through the chapel, and the area has its own Warp Zone.

Also, supposing the player has not yet acquired a single card in the game until now, the Chapel Tower houses possibly the most enemies in the game regarding card drops:


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  • Battle Arena - An optional area only accessible via the Chapel Tower.

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