Christopher Bee is a supporting character in the 1987 Futabasha gamebook The Devil Castle Dracula: The Battle of Old Castle.


Movie actor Christopher Bee was slated to portray Dracula in a film that documented his legendary battle with Simon Belmont; however, he and the entire cast were killed during the film's production, with the exception of a contemporary actor also named Simon Belmont, who was portraying his famous ancestor, and Lucy Lane, who portrayed Simon's girlfriend Mina.

He later meets Simon again as a zombie.


  • The name is a parodied version of Christopher Lee, a famous English actor well-known for portraying Dracula many times during his lifetime.
  • The name was first seen in the ending credits of the 1986 game Castlevania, along with other names parody on various actors related to classic horror films. However, it must be noted that this was only an alias used by one of the staff crew, result of a common practice at the time where video game companies ordered their employees to adopt pseudonyms to prevent rival companies from hiring them. As such, the Christopher Bee who appears in the credits of the game most likely has no relation with the gamebook character.


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