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"Now you will lead us to Dracula and Illya, old man, or-"
— Christopher Belmont to Gaspar Totoyan

Christopher Belmont is the main protagonist in the graphic novel Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy, published by IDW. His ancestors were vampire hunters that subdued Dracula a hundred years before his time. However, Christopher dismisses this as mere folktales at first until he is forced to take action by himself.


In a cold sweat, Christopher Belmont awoke from a nightmare in which Count Dracula vampirized his son. Legend foretold that the Count's resurrection was imminent and the thought of Dracula's return weighed heavily on Christopher's mind. Despite Christopher's anxiety, it was also a very happy time, for he was to be wed to Illyana Riktor.

After Christopher spent the night with his newly wed wife, he discovered that the Belmont Family's resting grounds had been gravely vandalized. The defilement coldly confirmed Christopher's worries about the Count's return. The Totoyan Family of vampire hunters met with Christopher and bestowed the Belmont's magical whip to him, which they had been carrying in his stead. Christopher collected the legendary sub-weapons of his Belmont forefathers, and with the whip, the Totoyans, his man servant Deimos, and his wife, he set off into the night toward Count Dracula's castle.

Illyana and Christopher were separated and the young woman became a captive of Count Dracula. Christopher and his party made their way to the castle, but were halted by a horde of zombies. The team of vampire hunters defeated the undead and pursued Dracula to a cave in the side of a mountain, where Christopher and Dracula had their final confrontation. Christopher defeated Dracula and the remaining party went back to the Belmont estate, satisfied that all was well.

Pascha Totoyan was taken in by the Belmonts, as her family was killed in the struggle with Dracula, and Illyana Belmont was pregnant with Christopher's child. However, it was revealed that the unborn baby was somehow corrupted by Count Dracula.


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