The Monastery is the first stage in Castlevania Chronicles.


This xtage is a complete remake of the original opening stage from Castlevania on the NES. It has long hallways, a sewer section with infinitely spawning Mermen, and the Giant Bat as a boss at the end.

However, there are many new additions, possibly due to the capabilities of the Sharp X68000. New features include a huge portrait, a drawbridge and several background effects such as lightning and windows opening and closing due to the wind. Additionally, in order to confuse veterans of the original game, the breakable block in the right of the second room in contains an infinite spawn of Hunchbacks when broke instead of the Pot Roast. Instead, the latter is in the opposite side of the wall.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: The Monastery
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
X68-zomb-1- Zombie  [ edit ]
' HP: 2
Exp: 100
1. Monastery
X68-bat-1- Bat  [ edit ]
' HP: 1
Exp: 200
1. Monastery, 2. Underground Aqueducts, 3. Courtyard, 4. Cathedral
X68-leopard-1- Black Panther  [ edit ]
' HP: 2
Exp: 200
1. Monastery, 8. Dracula's Tower
X68-floateye-1- Peeping Eye  [ edit ]
' HP: 8
Exp: 500
1. Monastery, 2. Underground Aqueducts, 4. Cathedral, 5. Clock Tower
X68-fman-1- Fish Man  [ edit ]
' HP: 2
Exp: 300
1. Monastery, 2. Underground Aqueducts
X68-hback-1- Hunchback  (Flea Man) [ edit ]
' Exp: 500
1. Monastery, 3. Courtyard, 5. Clock Tower
Vbatx68 Giant Bat  [ edit ]
' HP: 31 (boss)
24 (enemy)
Exp: 10,000 (boss)
3000 (enemy)
1. Monastery (boss), 8. Dracula's Tower (enemy)
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