City Memorials are secret items found in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. They act like the scrolls from fallen Brotherhood knights, but instead tell the story of what happened during Dracula's sleep and the foundation of the city.

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Item Data: City Memorials
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Chronicles of the Ancient Light - Lords of Shadow 2 [edit]
On the exact spot of this memorial, what are known as the Chronicles of the Ancient Light were discovered 500 years ago. These apocryphal texts detail the horrific experiences of those who managed to escape from the claws of Dracula. Most of them lost their mind and parts of their bodies too, devoured by ghouls, vampires and harpies. These survivors soon died of the most awful infections and deliriums. However, a few miraculously managed to return safe and sound. Thanks to them, maps of the inside of the castle and precise tales of the horrors that took place inside were pieced together. It was the great Roland de Ronceval, Paladin of God, who made military use of those maps, gaining knowledge of the castle that, in hindsight, was crucial to defeating the Prince of Darkness. City Memorial
Find: Science District
First Obtained: Bioquimek Corporation
Banners of the Brotherhood - Lords of Shadow 2 [edit]
In the year of Our Lord 1830 the banners that the glorious army of the Brotherhood of Light carried during the final battle against Dracula were found on this very site. This memorial commemorates and celebrates that the Paladin Roland de Ronceval, commanding five-hundred thousand men, defeated the Prince of Darkness, freeing this land from the atrocious yoke that subjected it to horror and death for so long. No one returned from that battle. It is known that Roland de Ronceval managed to channel the power of the seven archangels through his battle cross. Historians still debate about whether he did so before or after Dracula exterminated the entire army. What we do know is that the energy released could be seen and heard for thousands of miles around. The castle was mostly reduced to ash and no one ever saw Dracula again. Let us give thanks for that. City Memorial
Legend of the white wolf - Lords of Shadow 2 [edit]
According to the Chronicles, after the destruction of Dracula's castle, an enormous white wolf came forth from the Darkness and howled at the moon on this very spot. Those who saw it said they felt comforted and protected by it's presence. The story was soon known by everyone, and on nights of the full moon, multitudes gathered here fruitlessly awaiting the appearances of the mythical animal. Although eventually many have sworn to have seen it, there has never been any proof of it's existence. If this story has reached our times and deserves this memorial, it is because even today it is possible to feel the warm, powerful presence of the mythical white wolf in this place. City Memorial
Find: Science District
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