The City of Haze is a location in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. It is the first portrait the heroes are required to enter in the game and is conformed by a marketplace, some shops, and common city streets and environments.


Found within minutes of entering the castle, this stage thrusts the player directly into the game with a Victorian-era town complete with demonic shops and shopkeepers. This stage contains mainly Skeletons, Bats and Mini Devils. In Richter, Sisters, and Old Axe Armor Modes, there are several more Andrases and an Invisible Man in the train tracks where the minecart is. The stage's boss is Dullahan, who appears as a giant suit of armor with a free-floating head. 13th Street is its alternate painting.


There is a hidden bakery in the City of Haze. You can find it in an area underneath a breakable floor in the second building and then in a breakable wall in that area. It contains different kinds of cakes that you will need during Wind's "Build Your Strength 3" quest, which requires five different cakes in exchange for increasing your maximum HP. This is not an ordinary shop where you exchange your gold for the items you want, though. Hitting the cash register will open its drawer. To put cash into the register, strike the chandelier above the drawer. A random type of coin will fall from the chandelier into the register. The type of cake you get will correspond to what denomination of coin falls into the register, but you will only get that item if you don't already have it in your inventory. The types of cakes that can be obtained in this way are:

Cake Sachertorte Icon
NY Cheesecake Icon
NY Cheesecake
Mille-feuille Icon
Wheat Roll Icon
Wheat Roll
Tarte au Poire Icon
Tarte au Poire
Gateau Fraise Icon
Gateau Fraise
Gold $1 $10 $50 $100 $500 $1,000

Equipping a Gold Ring will increase your chances of gaining a more expensive type of cake. Not all kinds of cakes can be found here, such as the Birthday Cake, Pancake, Financier, Green Tea Cake, Gateau Marron or Langues de Chat.

Enemy Data

See: City of Haze/Enemy Data


City of Haze
  • The hidden bar in the City of Haze
  • The secret bakery in the City of Haze
  • The City of Haze's portrait


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