City of the Damned

The City of the Damned is the name given to the volcanic undercroft deep below Dracula's castle in Lords of Shadow 2. This is where the Gorgon Sisters (Euryale, Stheno, and Medusa) make their lair.

Dracula travels to these depths to retrieve his Chaos Claws from the gorgons. The dungeons are riddled with skulls from sacrifices. Dungeon jailers, minions, and harpies that have turned against their Lord are encountered here. The Chupacabra is also kept prisoner in one section, but freeing him will allow him to open a store that can be accessed anytime Dracula is low on relics and tailsman pieces.

Dracula can typically access this wing from the Map Rooms and Wolf Alters. Otherwise, he could make use of the enormous circular elevators found in the Bernhard's Wing and Carmilla's Lair.

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  • The area is named after the Dungeon Minions that lost their humanity after pledging themselves to Dracula's service.
  • To reach Medusa, Dracula activates a switch that lowers two sets of stairs to reach her chamber, but also locks the door behind him. This switch is also used to leave the chamber from the opposite direction, which hides the staircase and unlocks the door. Even if the player has hidden the stairs, they will appear again if coming into the chamber from the other direction.

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