The Clear Bone is an enemy in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance.


A magic skeleton encountered in the Entrance (Castle B). While at first it appears as a normal skeleton, pacing back and forth while tossing bones, it will soon turn semi-invisible for a short period of time. It can neither attack nor be attacked while in this state.

Care must be taken while traversing areas where these enemies appear, as they may materialize back at the same spot where the player is standing, inflicting with this considerable damage.

Enemy Data

No. Name JPN Lv. HP
93 Clear Bone 38 72
Tolerance Weakness Common Drop Rare Drop EXP
Thunder - $400 Ancient Robe 419
Entrance (Castle B)

Item Data

Item Data: Clear Bone
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Money Bag 5 HoD Icon $400 - Harmony of Dissonance [edit]
' Item
Juste Belmont 
Gold + 400
Rare Drop: Jp Bonepillar, Pike Master (doublepack)
Common Drop: Victory Armor, Clear Bone
Ancient Robe Icon Ancient Robe - Harmony of Dissonance [edit]
This robe is rumored to have once been worn by a great wise man. Body
Juste Belmont 
DEF +48, INT +10
Rare Drop: Clear Bone



  • Its Japanese name is すけるトン sukeru-ton. 透ける (sukeru) means "clear", making its name a pun.
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