For the enemy, see Cockatrice.

Cockatrice is a DSS Attribute Card in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It adds a Stone attribute to a paired Action Card.

Item Data

Item Data: Cockatrice Card
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Cockatrice card Cockatrice - Circle of the Moon [edit]
The Cockatrice is said to have the ability to turn things to stone. Has the power of Stone. Attribute Card
Attrib: Stone
Drop: Stone Armor (1.8%), Death Mantis (1.5%)
Mercury + Cockatrice (Stone Whip) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Stone Whip. Enemies turned to stone can be used as platforms. DSS Effect
Attrib: Stone
Consume: 6 MP/USE 
STR + 10%
Create: Mercury + Cockatrice
Effect: Whip speed reduced. Enemy about to be destroy petrified briefly instead, can be used as platform.
Venus + Cockatrice (Walking EXP) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Gains experience points from walking. DSS Effect
Consume: 2 MP/TIME  Create: Venus + Cockatrice
Effect: Gain 1 Experience point roughly every three steps walking. Not running.
Jupiter + Cockatrice (Stone Form) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Transform into stone and become invulnerable. DSS Effect
Consume: 8 MP/TIME  Create: Jupiter + Cockatrice
Effect: Turns Nathan to living stone, making him immune to status effects but greatly reducing his mobility.
Mars + Cockatrice (Tonfers) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Attack with tonfers. Can turn some enemies into stone. DSS Effect
Attrib: Stone
Consume: 12 MP/USE 
STR + 22%
Create: Mars + Cockatrice
Effect: Swung straight forward, with a hitbox similar to the whip but a slightly faster attack speed. Can petrify enemies.
Diana + Cockatrice (Rock Throw) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
3 rocks are fired with each attack. DSS Effect
Consume: 16 MP/USE  Create: Diana + Cockatrice
Effect: Flings three stones with each swing of the whip. They travel in random arcs with each swing. They are half as strong as normal attack.
Apollo + Cockatrice (Comet) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
A comet is dropped on the enemy. DSS Effect
Consume: 60 MP/USE  Create: Apollo + Cockatrice
Sequence: ↓ ←(→) ↑ + Attack
Effect: Drops three comets from the sky. If they strike an enemy, they disperse into several pieces that deal reduced damage. Nathan is invincible for a moment while the attack is activating.
Neptune + Cockatrice (Stone Healing) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Stone attacks heal character while reducing MP. DSS Effect
Consume: 3 MP/TIME  Create: Neptune + Cockatrice
Effect: Stone attacks, such as the projectiles of the Evil Pillar, heal Nathan while reducing his MP. In general, attacks that can petrify Nathan, or in which Nathan takes on a stone-grey hue while being knocked back, have the Stone element.
Saturn + Cockatrice (Medusa Familiar) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
A medusa familiar appears to attack in tandem. DSS Effect
Consume: 6 MP/Shot  Create: Saturn + Cockatrice
Effect: Summons a Medusa head that attacks while the attack button is held.
Uranus + Cockatrice (Summon Cockatrice) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
A Cockatrice will be summoned to attack. DSS Effect
Consume: 200 MP/USE  Create: Uranus + Cockatrice
Sequence: ↓ ←(→) ↑ + Attack
Effect: Causes Stone damage to all enemies onscreen and can petrify. Most damaging summon though it can vary.
Pluto + Cockatrice (Timed Defense) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Defense increases depending on the elapsed game time. DSS Effect
Consume: 6 MP/TIME  Create: Pluto + Cockatrice
Effect: Increases Nathan's DEF based on the total play time. +1 DEF for every 6 minutes.


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