"If you have a God, then you probably also have a Devil. And if God created everything, then he also made Hell."
— Collector

The Collector is a character in the Castlevania animated series. He assists Isaac in Tunis by offering him a distance mirror.


Upon his arrival in Tunis, Isaac stops at a blind old merchant, capable to smell his Devil Forgemaster powers. He explains that it is because he has smelled, tasted and seen Hell itself. He also wonders about his client's beliefs holding such a power, making him understand that God probably created Hell, like absolutely everything he would have created.

Isaac then asks him if he has a Carpathian transmission mirror, according to reports he would have heard of during his trip. The old man replies, however, that he has already sold it a long time ago to a vampire couple in Kolkata, but he nevertheless has a distance mirror, which can reveal the interlocutor's thoughts, thus allowing Isaac to find out where Hector is.

But to Isaac's surprise, the old man offers him the mirror, anxious to want to be one of the few people to be generous to Isaac despite his powers. In exchange, he reveals to him he will be sure to be in Hell at his death, and asks him to bring him back to a new body when the opportunity arises for Isaac.



  • The fact he would have seen Hell suggests he would probably have traveled the Infinite Corridor to get there, which is currently the only known way to get there without dying in the series.
  • Besides the Stone Mask he holds in his hands, the collector's shop is full of items appearing in different games of the series:
  • His gesture of generosity towards Isaac somewhat recalls the Beast character from the 1991 animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast: both of them offer their benefactor a magic mirror capable of revealing an answer to the user, in this case the location of a character.
    • However, unlike the Beast, the collector acts more as a friend, while hoping for something in return.
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