The Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) is an organization that rates video games and computer software in Japan with levels of ratings that inform the customer of the nature of the product and for what age group it is suitable.


The CERO Rating System
CERO All Ages
All ages
Ages 12 and up
Ages 15 and up
Ages 18 and up

The symbols the CERO uses are stylized depictions of numbers, meant to convey at a glance a game's suitability:

  • A All ages (equivalent to ESRB's EVERYONE and PEGI's 3+ and 7+)
  • B Ages 12 and up (equivalent to ESRB's TEEN and PEGI's 12+)
  • C Ages 15 and up (equivalent to PEGI's 16+)
  • D Ages 17 and up (equivalent to ESRB's MATURE)
  • Z Ages 18 and up only (equivalent to ESRB's MATURE* and PEGI's 18+)
  • ESRB ADULTS ONLY game will not be rated by CERO and not be allowed on the console without any cuts. These games will be rated by the Ethics Organization of Computer Software with an R18 rate in Japan.[citation needed]

One of the symbols above is displayed on the front of the package. This mark is the notation of the age suitability based on the contents.

See alsoEdit

  • ACB — The Australian media rating system.
  • ESRB — The United States and Canadian computer and video game rating system.
  • ELSPA — The former British computer and video game rating system, replaced by the PEGI ratings.
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