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Count Dracula is the main antagonist of Vampire Killer.


Dracula had previously been quelled by Christopher Belmont, of the Belmont Clan, exactly one century earlier. He was revived via a black mass, announcing his arrival in an Easter night via ominous clouds and a thunderstorm. However, he was largely reduced to a skeleton by this time.

He was eventually confronted by Christopher's descendant, Simon Belmont. After briefly being beheaded, his body dissolved, although he later possessed a nearby painting and attempted to assault Simon through it. In the end, Simon managed to put Dracula to sleep once again and the town restored its peace.[1]

Enemy Data

Although he looks more like a skeleton in this game, Count Dracula's attack pattern is the same as in Castlevania, as he teleports around the room and shoots fireballs in groups of three. Again, only his head is vulnerable.

Count Dracula ドラキュラ (Dracula) 22 -
Block 6: Castle Keep

Upon beating the first form, like in Castlevania, his head will be knocked off. His body will then explode into red clouds before the painting in the background suddenly moves. When Count Dracula possesses the painting in the background, he will spit bats in wave patterns, occasionally pausing to allow Simon to strike the jewel in his forehead.

Count Dracula (Second Form) ドラキュラ (第二形態) (Dracula (Second Form)) 6 30,000
Block 6: Castle Keep


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