Crouching is a basic action in most 2D platforming Castlevania games and is performed by simply pressing the down (↓) button on the directional pad while standing on a platform. It causes the character to lower its height, making it a smaller target and allowing them to attack from a lower height. Most basic attacks can be performed while crouching; however, sub-weapon attacks cannot be performed in most games since they are accomplished by attacking while holding the up (↑) button. Some 3D games allow the player to crouch by pressing a designated button.

A couple games allow the player to crawl on the ground while crouching (Super Castlevania IV, Castlevania Legends). More modern games allow the player to slide by pressing the "jump" button while crouching. In some games, special items will sometimes appear from the ground or even activate a special event when crouching (or "kneeling") in a particular spot for several seconds (Castlevania, Simon's Quest).

Item Data

Item Data: Crouch
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Crouch - Symphony of the Night [edit]
' Action
Sequence: ↓
Crouch - Legends [edit]
' Action
Sequence: ↓
Crouching - Castlevania 64 [edit]
Press the Z button to crouch. Action
Reinhardt, Carrie 
Crouch - Legacy of Darkness [edit]
' Action
Cornell, Henry, Reinhardt, Carrie 
Sequence: Z Button
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