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The Crystal, also known as Crystal Ball, is an item which will upgrade a character's whip one level upon pick up. It appears in all three Game Boy-related titles instead of the more traditional Morning Star power-up. Once the whip has been fully upgraded, it will become a Fireball Whip and gain the ability to shoot fireballs with each struck.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Crystal
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Crystal TA The Crystal (jpn) - Adventure [edit]
Increases the power of your Mystic Whip. Item
Christopher Belmont 
Crystal TA Icon Crystal Ball (jpn) - Belmont's Revenge [edit]
Increases the power of the Mystic Whip. The first increase gives you the stronger, longer whip. The second increase gives you the strongest whip -- and you can release deadly balls of fire when you crack it! Item
Christopher Belmont 
Gb3-enemball Crystal - Legends [edit]
Raises the power of your whip one level. The whip can be raised a maximum of two levels. Normal Item
Evolve: + Normal Whip > Power One Whip; + Power One Whip > Power Two Whip
Orb Rebirth Icon The Crystal - Adventure ReBirth [edit]
' Item
Christopher Belmont 


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