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The Crystal is a sub-weapon introduced in the 2003 Sony PlayStation 2 game Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. The weapon is able to cause an explosion, similar to the bomb.

Leon Belmont can combine the crystal with various orbs to create different attacks:

  • Red Orb (Massive Crystal): Like his normal attack, Leon release a crystal that will stay in place for a few seconds. However, this one will explode over a much larger area. Consume 4 hearts.
  • Purple Orb (Shatter Plane): Leon will crack the screen into fragments and fall off, leaving the enemies hurt. Consume 20 hearts.
  • Blue Orb (Hail Crystal): A large crystal is dropped down from the ceiling and onto enemies; thereafter, damaging light will escape before the crystal explodes. Consume 8 hearts.
  • Green Orb (Drain Stone): Leon fires a small crystal toward the enemies that damages them and steals their life-force. It will then be sucked away and bestowed onto him in order to restore his HP. Consume 8 hearts.
  • Yellow Orb (Satellite): Similar to the Axe Trap, Leon will protect himself within a shield of four rotating crystals. Consume 15 hearts.
  • White Orb (Judgment): Several beams of light are summoned right where the enemies lurk. Consume 20 hearts.
  • Black Orb (Vanishing Storm): A storm of bending light in the direction of the enemies is release from Leon's body. Consume 12 hearts.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Crystal
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Crystal LoI Crystal - Lament of Innocence [edit]
A stone that stores holy power. Sub-Weapon
Leon Belmont 
3 Hearts (Normal)
8 Hearts (Blue and Green Orb)
4 Hearts (Red Orb)
20 Hearts (Purple and White Orb)
15 Hearts (Yellow Orb)
12 Hearts (Black Orb) 
Find: House of Sacred Remains, Garden Forgotten by Time, Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab, Dark Palace of Waterfalls, Ghostly Theatre, Pagoda of the Misty Moon
Effect: Can combine with different colored Orbs for more powerfuls attacks.