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The Crystal is a sub-weapon introduced in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. The weapon is able to cause an explosion, similar to the bomb.

Much like in Harmony of Dissonance, it can be combined with 7 different colored Orbs that can be obtained by defeating bosses for more fantastic attacks. They can also be switch between the different styles of attacks without the need to access a text-based menu screen. However, these new attacks also consume Hearts, the Magic Meter is only used by Relics.

Leon Belmont can combine the crystal with various orbs to create different attacks:

  • Red Orb (Massive Crystal): Like his normal attack, Leon release a crystal that will stay in place for a few seconds. However, this one will explode over a much larger area. Consume 4 hearts.
  • Purple Orb (Shatter Plane): Leon will crack the screen into fragments and fall off, leaving the enemies hurt. Consume 20 hearts.
  • Blue Orb (Hail Crystal): A large crystal is dropped down from the ceiling and onto enemies; thereafter, damaging light will escape before the crystal explodes. Consume 8 hearts.
  • Green Orb (Drain Stone): Leon fires a small crystal toward the enemies that damages them and steals their life-force. It will then be sucked away and bestowed onto him in order to restore his HP. Consume 8 hearts.
  • Yellow Orb (Satellite): Similar to the Axe Trap, Leon will protect himself within a shield of four rotating crystals. Consume 15 hearts.
  • White Orb (Judgment): Several beams of light are summoned right where the enemies lurk. Consume 20 hearts.
  • Black Orb (Vanishing Storm): A storm of bending light in the direction of the enemies is release from Leon's body. Consume 12 hearts.

It also represents a type of damage, whose effectiveness depends on enemies.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Crystal
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Crystal LoI Crystal (jpn) - Lament of Innocence [edit]
A stone that stores holy power. Sub-Weapon
Leon Belmont 
3 Hearts (Normal)
8 Hearts (Blue and Green Orb)
4 Hearts (Red Orb)
20 Hearts (Purple and White Orb)
15 Hearts (Yellow Orb)
12 Hearts (Black Orb) 
Find: House of Sacred Remains, Garden Forgotten by Time, Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab, Dark Palace of Waterfalls, Ghostly Theatre, Pagoda of the Misty Moon
Effect: Can combine with different colored Orbs for more powerfuls attacks.
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