Cyclone Boots

The Cyclone Boots are a relic acquired in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. They are a pair of magical boots that enable the wearer to move at tremendous speeds. They were originally a gift to Cornell, the first Lord of Shadow, but were taken from him upon defeat, and are now used by Gabriel Belmont. They can be used in combat, but most notably for allowing Gabriel to jump further by jumping after sprinting. After becoming the Prince of Darkness, Gabriel abandoned the use of the Cyclone Boots as he no longer needed them due to his vampiric speed. They were eventually excavated from Victory Plaza in Castlevania City during the modern era.

Cyclone Boots combat techniques

  • Sprint Thrust: Finishes off Gabriel's sprinting with a blast attack, the closer to the target the more effective the move. Can send even the mightiest of foes to the ground.
  • Flame Claws: Combining Shadow magic with the Dark Gauntlet and the Cyclone Boots, the player is able to unleash a ranged flaming claw attack.
  • Shoulder Charge: Using Shadow magic, power up Gabriel's charge into an attack using shadow energy. Can also be used to smash weak doors and walls.

Item Data

Item Data: Cyclone Boots
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Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Cyclone Boots - Lords of Shadow [edit]
A gift to Cornell, these powerful boots were forged long ago. They allowed him to travel vast distances at a tremendous speed. However, after he became the Dark Lord of the Lycans, he improved upon their design, using Shadow Magic to turn them into a powerful weapon. Gabriel  Find: The Dark Lord of the Lycans
Sprint - Lords of Shadow [edit]
Double-tap the left stick to perform a sprint. While you are sprinting, you can jump longer distances. Skill (Relic Powers)
First Obtained: When Cyclone Boots obtained
Sequence: [Move] x 2 (requires Cyclone Boots)
Shoulder Charge - Lords of Shadow [edit]
With Shadow Magic active, you can power up your charge into an attacking move. The shoulder charge can also be used to smash through weakened doors and walls. Check for the tell-tale sign of falling dust and debris. Skill (Relic Powers)
First Obtained: When Cyclone Boots obtained
Sequence: (Shadow Magic active) (hold) [Block], then [Move] (requires Shadow Magic, Cyclone Boots)
Flame Dragontail - Lords of Shadow [edit]
Dark Gauntlet assisted uppercut. This attack will lift up many nearby enemies, allowing you to continue the combo with additional aerial moves. Skill (Relic Powers)
First Obtained: When Cyclone Boots obtained
Sequence: [Block], then (hold) [Jump] (requires Cyclone Boots and Dark Gauntlet)
Sprint Thrust - Lords of Shadow [edit]
Finish off your sprint with a blast attack. Double-tap the left stick and then press the [Area Attack] button followed by the [Direct Attack] button when you are close to your enemy. The closer you get to your target the more effective this attack will be, often knocking even the mightiest foe to the ground. Skill (Relic Powers)
Buy: 1000 SP (after Cyclone Boots obtained)  Effect: [Move] x2 [Area Attack] [Direct Attack] (requires Cyclone Boots)
Flame Claws - Lords of Shadow [edit]
Use the Dark Gauntlet while sprinting to throw several claws of damaging Shadow Magic energy towards your enemy. With your Shadow Magic active, double tap the left stick to begin to sprint, then press the [Direct Attack] button at any time to use the Flame Claws. Skill (Relic Powers)
Buy: 3500 (after Cyclone Boots obtained)  Sequence: (Shadow Magic active) [Move] x2 [Direct Attack] (requires Shadow Magic, Dark Gauntlet, Cyclone Boots)



  • According to a City Memorial, the boots were created by Rinaldo Gandolfi.
  • It's possible the Cyclone Boots were used by Victor Belmont (albeit heavily modified) as it is stated that he searched the ruins of Dracula's castle to find Gabriel's old equipment.
  • One of the boots' techniques, Flame Claws, is shared with the Chaos Claws.
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