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"We don't trace to anywhere. We're all from here."
— Greta in "Back in the World"

Danesti is a location in the Castlevania animated series that Alucard visits in Season 4, when the residents plead for his aid.


Danesti is a village approximately 20 miles south of the Belmont Hold and Dracula's castle as of Season 4. The village is lead by Greta as its headwoman, and is comprised of several a-frame thatched huts as dwellings for its inhabitants.

Danesti started as a "wide spot in the road" several generations ago when Greta's family and others settled it. The village grew as people washed up from other locations and stayed, becoming a close-knit community.

Greta explains that due to the village's isolation in the wilderness and proximity to the "spirits of storm and stream", that residents of Danesti can detect the essence of magic on people, as she can with Saint Germain and Alucard himself.

The village seems to be the closest inhabited location to the Belmont Hold, and thus Dracula's castle after its forced relocation by Sypha Belnades. Due to this, it becomes targeted by Saint Germain and Varney in a conspiracy to resurrect Dracula. Using night creatures, they force the villagers to seek Alucard's aid, and manipulated them into leaving Danesti and seeking a more fortified shelter inside Dracula's castle. The village is left abandoned when the villagers settle around the castle and create a new community there instead.


Concept art[]


  • Dănești is the name of several real-life communes in Romania, including Dănești, Harghita which has a single village of the same name.
    • Given the location of Danesti being approximately 20 miles south of the Belmont Hold and Dracula's Castle, if Danesti were to be the modern-day commune in Harghita, that would make the location of the Hold and the Castle where modern-day Iași stands.
  • The name could also be taken from House Dănești, which was the inspiration for the character Grant Danasty from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.