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Dario Bossi one of two potential successors to Dracula's power gathered by Celia Fortner. Born at the moment of Dracula’s death in 1999, and infused with supernatural power because of this, Dario is a powerful pyrokinetic (someone who can spontaneously create and control fire). Dario has a brash, combative personality which sets him apart from the other two 'Dark Lord Candidates', the sociopathic Dmitrii Blinov and the protagonist, Soma Cruz. Prior to his encounter with Celia, Dario garnered infamy around the globe as a dangerous criminal and serial arsonist.

When Soma intially defeats Dmitrii Blinov, Celia knows that Dario will need to become more powerful if he is to survive an encounter with Soma. She fuses the fire-demon Aguni to Dario’s soul, thereby enhancing Dario's pyrokinetic abilities. Soma confronts Dario, now greatly empowered by his fusion with Aguni, in a large, mirrored room. One of the game’s alternate endings is achieved if Soma simply kills Dario: Celia flees the castle because both her candidates are lost. However, Soma can use the soul of the mirror-dimension-shifting monster Paranoia to enter the room’s mirror realm and battle Aguni itself; once defeated, Dario’s link to his enhanced power is severed, and Dario flees the castle while Soma continues his quest to confront Celia. It is unknown what became of Dario afterwards.


  • Pyrokinesis - Dario has the ability to create and manipulate fire, as a result of being born at the exact moment of Dracula's demise.
    • Teleportation - As a result of his pyrokinetic abilities, Dario is able to teleport, mainly by engulfing himself with fire, which does not harm him, but allows him to vanish.


It's implied by Soma that Dario's Pyrokinetic abilities did not originate from being born on the exact same time that Dracula died, as, when Aguni was defeated, and absorbed by Soma, Dario asked what happened to his ability, to which Soma states that he took care of the demon fused with his soul, "And his abilities with it" (Implying that now, Dario can't even use his fire abilities.) However, Aguni was fused to Dario's soul by Celia during the events of Dawn of Sorrow, so it's possible that Dario lost his powers as a side-effect of the fused monster being destroyed.


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