Dark is one of the basic elemental attributes found in the Castlevania series. It is often associated with Dracula and his powers. In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, though not officially, Alucard can use some of Dracula's dark powers such as Hellfire, Soul Steal, animal transformations, and others. Death officially wields dark powers with others of vampiric or demonic relations, the only exceptions are possessed characters like Hugh Baldwin or Richter Belmont. Due to Soma Cruz being Dracula's reincarnation, he has access to some Dark-based souls and powers.

Holy (or Light) is the polar opposite of Dark, and as such, many enemies which are resistant to Darkness have a weakness to Holy/Light-based attacks and vice versa.


There are weapons, armors, and some forms of magic that possess dark attributes, either due to their origin or from their usage. Examples of these weapons include Death's Scythe, Kaladbolg, Umbra, Voulge, Dark Gate, and surprisingly, Cream Pie. Even if Dark-based weapons seem to have tempting effects, the fact that most enemies in the games are resistant to it makes them much less effective in most situations, especially when there are only a handful of Holy-based enemies out there. However, most games contain at least one Holy-based boss, usually a hero turned villain, which is difficult to defeat while using conventional weaponry. This is where a Dark-based weapon comes in handy.

In Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, the Dark element is associate with the Curse status. The only enemies able to inflict Curse are Legion and Marionette, enemies also with Dark element. Therefore, if the player activates the Neptune + Black Dog DSS combination, Nathan will, for all intents and purposes, gain immunity to the curse status, although if he is already cursed, he will remain so until he uses a Cure Curse or waits long enough.

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