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For the Curse of Darkness material, see Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystals are sub-weapons used by Gabriel Belmont. The crystals are pure Shadow Magic, they are a natural phenomenon that grow in areas with a high concentration of Shadow energy. Because the crystals are made of magic in itself, activating magic of any kind will not unlock additional abilities or effects. The crystal can be found either in shards (common) or as a whole crystal (rare) in the environment or from enemy drops. Four shards are needed to make a whole crystal.

Exactly how is unknown, but crushing one of these crystals will summon a powerful shadow demoness that will utterly devastate enemies. Due to the degree of power held within them, Gabriel can only carry one Dark Crystal at a time.

In the 21st century, Victor Belmont utilizes one of these to summon the Power Crystal Demon in an attempt to kill the now vampiric Gabriel known as Dracula, but the Vampire Lord manages to counter-attack, slaying the demoness and emerging victorious.

Item Data

Item Data: Dark Crystal
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Dark Crystal Icon.png Dark Crystal - Lords of Shadow [edit]
The crystals are pure Shadow Magic. (...) Gabriel  First Obtained: Sanctuary Entrance
Dark Crystal - Lords of Shadow [edit]
With the Dark Crystal selected, press and hold the [Secondary Weapon Attack] button to destroy it, releasing the demon contained inside. This Secondary Weapon requires four crystal shards fused together, but is powerful enough to annihilate most enemies around you, and will seriously damage even the most massive and powerful of foes. The energy within a complete Dark Crystal can be used to power certain ancient devices, too. Skill (Secondary Weapon)
First Obtained: When Dark Crystal obtained
Sequence: [Secondary Weapon Attack] (with Dark Crystal selected)