Dead nobles have appeared in several Castlevania games. These aristocratic ghosts can float about, disappear and reappear, dance together, and wield rapiers.

A host of dead nobles appeared in Super Castlevania IV in the elegant halls of the castle. The dead nobleman floats towards you in a horizontal line and may disappear, only to reappear from the other direction and make another pass at you. The dead noblewoman will move about in a circular pattern in the air, often staying out of reach of the whip, and then swoop down for an attack. In a later section, these ghosts are found dancing together. They spin around each other while moving up and down and back and forth through the floors and walls. At the end of the stage is a boss version of these dancers, dubbed the Dancing Spectres and in English called Fred Askare And Paula Aghoul. These periodically charge towards Simon, each wielding a rapier, one facing forward, and one facing upwards.

The dancing version of these ghosts reappeared in many games, called Ghost Dancers appeared in several games starting with Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Rapier wielding male nobles (without their dancing partner) reappeared in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, called the Dead Fencer and Dead Baron.


Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Dead Nobles
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Ghost-cv4 30. Dead Nobleman  [ edit ]
Super Castlevania IV
' HP: 16
Exp: 100
Atk: 3
6. The Halls
Noblewoman 31. Dead Noblewoman  [ edit ]
Super Castlevania IV
' HP: 48
Exp: 100
Atk: 3
6. The Halls
Danzomb 32. Ghost Dancers  [ edit ]
Super Castlevania IV
' HP: 48
Exp: 100
Atk: 3
6. The Halls
Cv4-dspect2 57. The Dancing Spectres  (Ghost Dancer) [ edit ]
Super Castlevania IV
' 6. The Halls
AOS-Ghostdancer Ghostdancer3 Ghostdancer2 30. Ghost Dancer  [ edit ]
Aria of Sorrow
The elegantly dancing ghost of an aristocrat. HP: 25
MP: 10
Exp: 22
Atk: 20
Def: 1
Rare Drop: Tea
Soul: Fortune of Light
Chapel, Dance Hall
DOS-Ghostdancer 31. Ghost Dancer (jpn) [ edit ]
Dawn of Sorrow
The spirits of nobles that dance with great elegance. Strong: Holy
Weak: Bashing, Piercing, Slashing, Dark
HP: 18
MP: 50
Exp: 53
Atk: 24
Timestop: Affected
Common Drop: Tea (8%)
Soul: LCK Boost (12%)
The Dark Chapel, Demon Guest House
100px Dead Fencer 
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
' Strong: Light
Weak: Dark
Drop: Knight's Vein
Steal: Holy Man's Vein
100px Dead Baron 
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
File:Ghostdancer1.gif 116. Ghost Dancer 
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
The spirits of nobles; they dance endlessly in aristocratic abandon. Weak: Holy
HP: 55
Exp: 125
Skill Pt: 6
Drop: Ballroom Masque, Tea
13th Street
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