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Death's Scythe, also referred to as Death's Sickle, is Death's main weapon and a usable weapon in multiple games. The weapon is always the most (or in one case the second most) powerful weapon in terms of attack strength in the games in which it appears.

Game specific information

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Death's Sickle is the most powerful weapon in Aria of Sorrow, giving the highest boost to raw Attack power. It also possesses the longest reach of all melee weapons. However, the weapon's sheer power is impractical, due to the fact that the weapon deals Dark damage, which most enemies are resistant to, and the slow attack speed of the weapon, leaving the player vulnerable, both attributes of which make the weapon only useful against a handful of enemies and less useful than the Light-attribute Claimh Solais. It appears in the top right corner of the room outside of Death's room, only in Hard Mode, and it cannot be reached until the player obtains the Giant Bat soul. The weapon resembles a one-bladed version of Death's own bone scythe.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Death's Scythe returns in Dawn of Sorrow and retains its status as the most powerful weapon in the game. While it also keeps its dark attribute, it gives an even higher attack power boost, making it more useful than originally. The scythe's design differs from its appearance in Aria of Sorrow, to fit its wooden-metal appearance. The scythe can only be obtained through Yoko's shop by combining the Death soul with the Golden Axe. Its Critical Attack releases the skulls that Death uses in his boss fight, which is the second most powerful attack in the game, following the fully-charged Skull Archer soul's arrow.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Hector can forge Death's Scythe using the following materials:

Death's Scythe is Dark-based, (inserted in the two-handed axe class) and offers +120 Attack, making it the most powerful weapon in the game; however, it often proves to be only half as effective against a large portion of monsters, since many of the enemies posses a tolerance to Darkness.

Like several of the weapons in Curse of Darkness, Death's Scythe has its own unique attack. If Hector uses four standard attacks and then a finisher, Hector will spin Death's Scythe and release a large number of smaller sickles. These sickles will home in on targets, similar to the sickles that Death releases in a wide number of Castlevania titles.

Item Data

Item Data: Death's Scythe
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Death's Sickle Icon.png Death's Sickle (Death Scythe) - Aria of Sorrow [edit]
Soul-hunting scythe of Death Weapon
Attrib: Sword, Darkness
ATK +130, LCK +13
Sell: (cannot be sold) 
Find: Clock Tower (Hard, room between boss and save, Giant Bat's soul required)
Death Scythe DoS Icon.png Death Scythe - Dawn of Sorrow [edit]
A scythe used by Death to gather souls Axe
Attrib: Slash, Dark
ATK +150
Sell: $50,000 
Find: Yoko's shop
Create: Golden Axe + Death Soul
Effect: Overhead swing; Overhead thrust and Death Skull
Death's Scythe.png Death's Scythe - Curse of Darkness [edit]
The ultimate dark weapon, shrouded in mystery. Many have lost their lives trying to duplicate it. Axe (Two-Handed)
Attrib: Dark
ATK +120
Sell: $666 
Create: 7 Bladed Sword + Battle Axe + Chauve-souris + Death's Pulse
Death Scythe DoS Icon.png Death Scythe - Harmony of Despair [edit]
Scythe used by Death to gather souls. Axe
#hands: 2
ATK +80
Sell: (cannot be sold) 
Rarity: *****
Drop: Death (Hard)
Effect: Special - Summons skull spirit to attack enemy

Other appearances

Vandal Hearts II

The D-scythe (likely an abbreviation of Death's Scythe) makes a cameo appearance as a weapon in the turn-based strategy game Vandal Hearts II, also by Konami.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Death's Scythe appears as an item that can be used by the many playable characters in the game. If an enemy is damaged enough, they will emit a dark aura and can be instantly K.O.'ed when struck by the scythe.

The design of the scythe is based off its appearance from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.


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