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Death (死神 Shinigami?) is a playable character in Castlevania Judgment, being his first appearance as a playable character in any game of the Castlevania series.

His appearance is based more on his second forms (especially that which appeared in Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade, which is more human-like), which are more skeletal and lack a cloak. He is equipped with a scythe on his right hand and a hook that replaces his left. His battle theme is "Evil's Symphonic Poem" from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Just before the song's loop, an arrangement of "Poison Mind" can be heard.


His offensive tactics are more projectile, and more damaging. This makes Death favorable among projectile class players. Death also has an ability to catch enemies with his Orb of Gahena and a teleporting skill that warps him forward. He has astounding performance in close combat and very distant combat but suffers a little at mid range combat. Death also favors the uses of The Reaping to catch enemies due to its high damage potential, as well as it being easy to execute.

  • Main Ability: Death uses his scythe to make a spinning scythe attack around him and finishes it with a forward charge while his scythe covers him.
  • Moving Ability: Teleport a few meters.
  • Special Moves
    • Spinning Scythe: Throws the scythe and it spins around him.
    • The Reaping: Throws the scythe, which homes in on the opponent. It has incredible range and lasts a long time as long as the button is held.
    • Twin Sickles: Throws two sickles.
  • Orb of Gahena: Charges and fires a black orb that freezes the opponent for a while.
    • Judgment: Grabs the opponent and hits them onto his scythe, which he pulls through them, followed by a slash.
  • Hyper Attack - The Gates of Hell: Death summons the fallen souls to literally grab an opponent and hold them in place. Victim sees an illusion of Death in confusion and the illusion disappears further taunting the victim. Death announces that the Gates of Hell are opened. He changes his hook into a blade and stabs his victim before dislodging his head and "swallows" their soul. It is possible due to Death swallowing his victim's soul, the Gates of Hell are through Death's jaws.


Dialogue Data: Death (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
Death Opening
Narrator: With the power to govern the end of all living things, Death served Dracula with unfailing loyalty.

Eagerly he awaited his master's revival, sowing wickedness far and wide in anticipation of Dracula's return.

But the man who appeared before him that day was no friend to immortals, but rather a traveler of time...


Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Abbey Ruins
When: First starting the Game
Judgment Death Dialogue.pngDeath

Judgment Aeon Dialogue.pngAeon

Death Battle 1
Aeon: Right on time. Welcome to the time rift.

Death: Wanderer of time -- is this age on the verge of collapse?
Aeon: Ah, you see much. We need the soul keys, gained by passing a series of trials.
Death: If it serves the Master's purpose, I will do whatever is required.
Aeon: My name is Aeon. Shall we begin the first trial?


Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Abbey Ruins
When: First meeting with Aeon
Judgment Death Dialogue.pngDeath

Judgment Cornell Dialogue.pngCornell

Death Battle 4
Death: Blue Crescent Moon...

Cornell: Ask as often as you will... but I will never serve Dracula.
Death: I didn't come to ask. I came to destroy you.
Cornell: You won't find it such a simple task!
Death: With your dying breath, you will regret ever defying us.


Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Random
When: Encounter with Cornell
Judgment Death Dialogue.pngDeath

Judgment Simon Dialogue.pngSimon

Death Battle 7
Death: Belmont! You dare oppose the Master?

Simon: That is the destiny of my clan. Nor will I allow you escape.
Death: Why would I seek escape? This is what I want.
Simon: You believe you can defeat me?
Death: You will learn to fear the power of the undying!


Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Random
When: Encounter with Simon
Judgment Death Dialogue.pngDeath

Judgment Alucard Dialogue.pngAlucard

Death Battle 10
Death: Well, well, Lord Alucard. What luck to find you here.

Alucard: Try as you will, I shall not return to your side.
Death: Oh I understand. But know that your place as the Master's son will earn you no mercy this time.
Alucard: Then show me what you can do.


Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Random
When: Encounter with Alucard
Judgment Death Dialogue.pngDeath

Judgment Aeon Dialogue.pngAeon

Death Battle 11
Aeon: Right on time. You must be the chosen one.

Death: Everything should be in place.
Aeon: It most certainly is. All thanks to your efforts.
Death: Now, what fiend would dare challenge my Lord Dracula?
Aeon: A messenger from ten thousand years in the future. Sent by one seeking your lord's throne of darkness.
Death: Then he must be stopped at once.
Aeon: Which leads to our final dilemma... The door will allow only a single being to enter.
Death: I see no dilemma. I will go -- through you, if need be...
Aeon: That is my desire.


Game: Castlevania Judgment (True Story Mode)
Location: Clock Tower
When: Second meeting with Aeon
Judgment Death Dialogue.pngDeath

Time Reaper.JPGTime Reaper

Death Battle 12
Time Reaper: I come from ten thousand years hence.

Death: Even your visage mocks me. Die!


Game: Castlevania Judgment (True Story Mode)
Location: Dimensional Rift
When: Encounter with the Time Reaper
Death Ending
Narrator: Thus the rift in time was mended, and all were returned to their respective eras.

Death, unconstrained by mortality, pursued every possible means of reviving his master.

He sowed the seeds of evil by weakening the faith of man.

Why would such a being serve Dracula so loyally?

Perhaps there is some greater force at play behind it all...


Game: Castlevania Judgment (True Story Mode)
Location: Dimensional Rift
When: After defeating the Time Reaper


  • Short description: A god who swears his allegiance to Dracula
  • Select Screen: "Time to perform my duty?" "I will feast on your soul." "Who is foolish enough to challenge me?"
  • Before normal battle: "If you wish for death, here I am."
  • Before normal battle: "You fool... how dare you challenge me!"
  • Before fighting Carmilla or Golem: "You dare challenge me? You forget your place."
  • Before fighting himself: "These tricks of time do not amuse me."
  • Before fighting himself (in response):"Pathetic wretch, you will die quickly."
  • Before fighting Trevor, Simon, or Aeon: "All who stand against the Master will perish."
  • Before fighting Alucard: "If you'll not take your rightful place, you leave me no choice."
  • Before fighting Aeon: "Traveler of time, I will not permit you to interfere."
  • Before fighting Dracula: "With all respect, my master, I ask for one contest."
  • After normal battle: "I am the god who governs death."
  • After normal battle: "I decide who lives and who dies. You could not expect to win."
  • After fighting himself: "One advisor is all the Master requires."
  • After fighting Simon or Trevor: "If only this had happened in the true stream of time..."
  • After fighting Alucard: "You should never have betrayed your heritage."
  • After fighting Aeon: "You may elude time, but you cannot escape death."
  • After fighting Dracula: "That cannot have been the full strength of my master." "A true Lord of Darkness should command more power than that."
  • After fighting Cornell in Story Mode: "The master has need of you, but here that holds no meaning."
  • After fighting Simon in Story Mode: "Your line will die out and fade from memory... It is your fate."
  • After fighting Alucard in Story Mode: "Shed your weakness and return to our service."
  • After fighting Aeon in Story Mode: "You would have done well to step aside."
  • Before fighting Time Reaper: "Even your visage mocks me. Die!!"
  • After Alucard loses to him in Story Mode: "Foolish child... Death is my domain."
  • After Cornell loses to him in Story Mode: "With this, the Master's next reincarnation is assured."
  • After Golem loses to him in Story Mode: "Puppets need only dance as their strings command."
  • Before fighting Alucard in his Story Mode: "In the name of your father, will you not change your mind?", "Then that was my final offer. Do you intend to fight your lord father?", "But you have never fought in single combat with the Master at his full power.", and "Insolent child. You will never cross us again."
  • During Hyper Attack: "Fallen ones! Seize them!" "Your fate is sealed. Too late for regrets." "The gates of Hell are open!" "Hahahahaha! I'll swallow your soul!!!"

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Death face.jpg

  • If you look closely at Death's head when he dislodges it doing his Hyper attack, you can see a rotted human face behind a featureless (and eyeless) white mask. It's revealed that Death's head is actually a mask, and the actual head is the human face.
  • Death's speech after Cornell loses to him in story mode references Legacy of Darkness, where Cornell's Wolf form is used to revive Dracula.
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