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Death is the driving force for the return of Dracula and his castle during the events of Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody. He rips a hole through the fabric of time and space and seeks to draw out dark energy from other times and places.


At some point in the late 1800s, Death took a pair of humans as apprentices, Dean and Thelma, and tasked them with performing experiments with the purpose of enhancing monsters. He later punished Dean when he started having second thoughts about what he was doing, killing him and forcing his soul to remain trapped in Dracula's Castle as a Ghost. He convinced Thelma, who continued the research without Dean, that he would take him back if he returned to his service.

Death worked with humans to bring about the return of Dracula. When confronted by Alucard, he again tried to ensure he would not interfere, but after battling him, he created a hole through space and time, which drew dark energy from across the ages to Dracula's Castle. Alucard appeared to have defeated him, but he may instead have gone into hiding while advancing his agenda. While Alucard was occupied attempting to repair this rift, other hunters were tasked with finding and stopping Dracula from returning or defeat him before he regained his full power.

Enemy Data[]

Enemy Data: Death
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location Notes
Death Bestiary Model MR 8-14. Grim Reaper  (死神)(Majin, Boss) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Dracula's Castle, Clock Tower
Videos: Bestiary, Prologue, Clock Tower


External links[]

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