The Death Bat is a boss in Castlevania: The Adventure.


The Death Bat is the boss of Stage 3 and awaits Christopher at the top of the trap tower. Its appearance is that of a skeletal humanoid, with the head of a bird or a pterosaur and a pair of bat-like wings affixed to its back. The creature is somewhat similar to Slogra, raising the question if both creatures are related in any way.

It attacks by flying high up and out of the reach of Christopher's whip, and then making swoops at him, trying to rip him apart with its claws. It's not very resilient, though, and can be defeated with only three strikes from a fully powered whip.

Enemy Data

Death Bat ゴーバンス Gōbansu (Gobanz)
3. Torture Chamber
Learning the attack pattern and safety zones in this chamber is the key. (...)





  • The original Japanese name for this creature is "Gobanz". However, in the American and European instruction booklets many names were changed:
    • Gobanz was renamed to "Death Bat".
    • Zeldo was renamed to "Gobanz".
    • Night Stalker was renamed to "Zeldo".
  • In the American and European instruction booklets, Gobanz is not referred as a boss.
  • The first boss in Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth is a blend of the Death Bat and the Phantom Bat, although it lost most of its non-bat characteristics and also turns into a swarm of bats when struck. It maintained the original Death Bat's protruding rib cage, however.
  • "Death Bat" is a mistranslation of "Death Bird".[citation needed]
  • The Death Bat bears some resemblance to Ridley, an antagonist from Nintendo's Metroid series; particularly, his later redesign starting with Super Metroid.
    • This similarity may have been referenced by Ridley being recruited at Dracula's Castle in the World of Light storyline.
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