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"Saint Germain: I, Saint Germain, am going to pull Dracula and Lisa Tepes out of hell, fuse their souls together and lock them inside the body of a Rebis.
Greta: Who's Rebis?
Alucard: It's a word for a hermaphrodite creature. A body that is both man and woman."
Saint Germain revealing his plan to Alucard and Greta

Death Magic is the eighth episode of the fourth season, and the 30th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Belmont, Sypha and Zamfir battle Varney, Ratko and their unholy army. Alucard's castle falls under attack, and Saint Germain shares his scheme.



Night creatures are lead into the underground court of Targoviste by Ratko. The civilians inside are brutally murdered by his forces while Varney trails behind. Not even members of Zamfir's guard are any match for Ratko. Before the vampire warrior claims any more lives, Trevor confronts him directly. Excited for the challenge, Ratko tells Trevor he's been itching for a proper kill. Trevor asks if Ratko meant a proper fight, but the vampire denies this and claims he will win.

Sypha and Zamfir back up Trevor against the night creatures, allowing Trevor to focus on the blade-wielding, winged Ratko. Sypha tries to rescue as many people as she can with her magic. While everyone else is distracted, Varney goes around interrogating others for the location of the royal family's transmission mirror.

Dracula's castle[]

Meanwhile, at Alucard's castle, the refugees take up arms and rub them in salt. They're afraid, but they stand their ground as the horde of monsters approaches. Some lose their lives, and their souls are guided to Saint Germain via the channel he laid out through the castle using runes. He uses the key given to him by the Alchemist to begin the Great Work.

Alucard descends from his castle to the front line with his magic sword and shield in hand. He fights alongside the humans and fights them as a united front. The arches from the castle give Alucard's team the upper hand until Dragan unleashes a firebreathing beast upon them. Everyone is forced to retreat inside the castle. The doors lock shut just a moment after Greta pulls Alucard inside by his waistband.

Once inside, Alucard's forces begin barricading the door while he and Greta head upstairs. They find Saint Germain opening a portal into the Infinite Corridor. He tells them to stay out of it and explains he's using the souls of Greta's people to fuel it. Alucard recognizes the Death Magic being used to open a portal to Hell. Saint Germain adds that he's going to pull Dracula and his wife from Hell and fuse them together into the Rebis. Naturally, this upsets Alucard, but the ritual has a barrier keeping him from harming Saint Germain.

Unable to stop the madman, Alucard and Greta focus on helping the others fight downstairs. The giant fire-breathing monster breaks down the door, but Alucard slits its stomach open immediately.


Meanwhile, Sypha struggles to protect everyone hiding underground in Targoviste. Zamfir is fighting, but she focuses on avenging people after they're hurt or killed. Sypha directs her to protect the people properly, stating that she knows Zamfir can do better. Varney continues searching for the mirror while Sypha uses lightning magic to strike down the night creatures.

Ratko monologues as he fights and overpowers Trevor. He complains about Varney and proclaims that he finally gets on with being a true warrior. Before Ratko kills Trevor, a woman and her daughter push him. They serve to do little more than annoy him, but they get the vampire's attention. Ratko goes to strike them down, but Zamfir jumps in front of the blade, getting herself stabbed to save them.

Zamfir holds Ratko's blade in her, rendering him unable to move for the moment. She tells him that he's just a man and her people will outlast him. Ratko replies that he's immortal, but Trevor gets back up and uses his new cross-knife weapon to kill him. Sypha notices Zamfir's fatal wound and expresses that through the flames she uses to incinerate the remaining night creatures. Varney locates the mirror in the aftermath of the fighting. Trevor and Sypha notice its activation, but Varney slips through before they can catch him.

Saint Germain is surprised to see Varney join him. Trevor and Sypha realize the transmission point of the mirror is drifting and decide it's now or never, jumping through together without hesitation.



Ratko: The Belmont. I was hoping for a proper win.
Trevor: Don't you mean a proper fight?
Ratko: No. Because I'm going to win.
Alucard: This is death magic. You're using the energies of death to...
Saint Germain: To open the corridor and direct a portal to hell. And I need this spot here, where I presume you killed your father, to anchor the connection.
Alucard: My father?!
Saint Germain: I'm bringing him back from hell. And your mother. You're welcome to stay and watch. You can wave if you like.
Alucard: I am going to *** murder you!
Zamfir: You are not the apocalypse. You are just a man. And my people will survive you.
Ratko: I am *** immortal.
Trevor: Nobody is immortal
Ratko: *** your lies!
Sypha: If we're going to go, we're going to have to go now. Ready?
Trevor: Hell, no. But when that's ever stopped us?