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Soma Dialogue1Soma Cruz

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Meeting with Arikado
(Somewhere in Demon Guest House)

Genya Arikado: Soma!
(Soma turns round)
Soma Cruz: ??
Genya Arikado: I told you not to get involved, didn't I?
Soma Cruz: Arikado! What are you doing here? I thought that you were protecting Mina...
Genya Arikado: Mina is fine. My colleagues are providing protection. Besides, keeping you under observation gets priority.
Soma Cruz: You're still treating me as if I were the dark lord. Haven't you seen enough?
Genya Arikado: I need you to understand. You are considered to be extremely dangerous...
Soma Cruz: ...
Genya Arikado: But since you're here, I suppose I can't stop you. While under my supervision, I'm prepared to overlook use of excessive force. Besides, we can't just allow this cult to carry on this way.
Soma Cruz: Th-Thanks. I appreciate it.
Genya Arikado: Also, Mina entrusted me with this. It's for you.
(Arikado hands Soma Mina's Talisman)
Soma Cruz: What? A letter? And a talisman?
(Soma turns round to read the letter in private)
Mina Hakuba: Dear Soma, If you're reading this, you've probably gone after that cult. I had a feeling you would when you disappeared after that incident. I know that you worry about me, Soma. But I worry just as much about you, too. I won't ask you to come back right away because you're way too stubborn. But please promise me that whatever happens, you'll come back unharmed. Oh, and don't forget about the talisman! I'm sure it'll come in handy. I'll be praying for you. Always, Mina
Soma Cruz: Mina...
Genya Arikado: Soma.
Soma Cruz: !!
(Soma turns back towards Arikado)
Genya Arikado: Brief me on the situation. What have you discovered?
Soma Cruz: Uh... Sure. (I described what I had learned so far to Arikado.)
Genya Arikado: Understood. But the fact that Celia mentioned a "plan" doesn't sound good.
Soma Cruz: The only thing I can do is keep climbing towards the top floor.
Genya Arikado: Fine, you do that. In the meantime, I'll try to track down Dario's whereabouts.

(Arikado leaves Soma behind)

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Dario & Demon Guest House Pt

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough (Dario & Demon Guest House Pt. 8)

Game: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Location: Demon Guest House
When: Meeting with Arikado
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