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The Demon Hunter Guild is an organization of the late 19th century. It is one of many organizations created in the wake of the absence of the Belmont Clan to oppose Dracula. It sent many hunters to Castlevania in 1870 in Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody and worked closely with the Mage Tower and Belmont Clan with the purpose of finding and destroying Dracula before he could regain his full power. While there, it utilized a flying castle as its Mobile Base.

Known members[]

  • Reynolds - The president of the guild and blacksmith. He facilitates cooperation with other anti-Dracula factions.
  • Elvis - A top hunter of the guild. Adopted by the guild in 1860 after the death of his parents and trained for 10 years with them to fight Dracula in the event of his return.
  • Wallis - An intelligence officer of the guild who provides support for hunters. He guides Elvis to the Mobile Base.
  • Reed - A member of the hunter guild who was injured during an expedition to Dracula's Castle.
  • Grisa - Chased after Reed's assailant who had used alchemy potions to control monsters. Recommended Elvis to look into the empty alchemy containers.
  • Lange - A hunter.
  • Loren - A researcher of the guild. Able to set up teleportation devices, but not a good fighter.

Possible members[]

  • Bergner - A hunter who wields a giant cross
  • Bartender - The bartender of the Mobile Base
  • Sarah - A girl who can shapeshift into a wolf