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Desmond Belmont is the protagonist of the mobile phone game Castlevania: Order of Shadows. He uses the Vampire Killer and other Belmont sub-weapons, including the Cross and throwing Axe. He also has some unique sub-weapons, such as the Platinum Blade and the Demon Sword.


Desmond was originally designed to combine aspects from Simon and Richter Belmont, along with those from some of the newer heroes. Through concept, however, he slowly morphed into his own persona, although still bearing some family resemblance. Some players wanted Desmond to appear younger than the other protagonists and this shows in his appearance and style.


During the late 1600s, a newly formed group of followers of the Dark Lord, calling themselves The Order, seek to resurrect Count Dracula, hoping to receive in exchange greater power and eternal life.

Meanwhile, the three siblings and current members of the ancestral Belmont Clan of vampire hunters, Desmond, Zoe and Dolores, have sensed the connection between The Order and Dracula. Following a track, they find a mansion near the Eternal Night forest, where The Order is suspected to convene. Desmond proceeds onward in a frontal assault, while his two sisters go search for clues on their own.

Desmond reunites with Zoe at one point, who gives him an alchemic gauntlet and also suggests him where to go next. After Desmond traverses a complex of caverns, all three siblings converge at the sanctum's entrance. Zoe and Dolores decide to go back into the mansion to search for more clues, while Desmond continues onward.

Inside the chamber that holds the sacrificial altar, Desmond meets Rohan Krause, leader of The Order and suspected to have murdered his parents 20 years ago. Both then engage in a battle to the death and the young Belmont emerges victorious from this encounter, gaining with this possession of the legendary Vampire Killer whip. Unfortunately, Krause's sacrifice actually serves to fuel Dracula's resurrection, and uttering his final words, he challenges Desmond to proceed to Castlevania and see this for himself.

Desmond makes it to the castle keep and enters the main chamber, where he is greeted by a recently resurrected Count Dracula. After some verbal exchanges, both enemies engage in a final battle. Desmond proves to be the victor once again, leaving Dracula lying defeated upon him.

The three siblings then leave the castle and try to return to their normal lives, although Desmond senses something is not right. Days later, he returns to the castle, only to find it still standing and not having crumbled even a bit after its lord's demise...