Hector and Isaac both have Devil-Type Innocent Devils in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Unlike other Innocent Devils, they evolve in a linear pattern.

They're considered a balance between the Battle-Type and the Bird-Type, as they can fly and perform Chain-Attacks with Hector. They can use the Magic Circle ability to allow Hector to slide under low openings, accessing various secret areas in the game. As they advance, they can cause spikes, blades and powerful explosions to issue from the Magic Circle.

They require a "special spear" (Chauve-souris) in order to get it's final form named The End. Isaac's equivelent to "The End" is Abel, which has appeared in official artwork, cut-scenes, battles, and comic.

Innocent Devil DataEdit

Image Name Information Skills Evolves from Evolves to
Level 1 (Start)
Gale Transparent
The lowest class of devil, but still violent and deadly. Hard to handle, so not for the beginner. Magic Circle N/A (starter) Brow (200 Any crystals)
Level 2
Brow Transparent
Its kind heart shows in its pure eyes, but once enraged it becomes a monster of relentless violence. M. Circle Scissors, Needle Magic Circle Gale The End (100 with the Chauve-souris weapon)
Level 3 (Final)
The End Transparent
The End
A terrible devil, but a powerful ally -- if you can keep it under control. Fires beams from its eyes. Exploding M. Circle Brow N/A (Final)
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