The Devil Mask is a counterpart to the God Mask in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


The Lord of the Dead wears this mask on his face. It is possible, although not implied, that the Devil Mask is the means by which Zobek was granted untold knowledge and power by Satan himself, as it would explain its effect on both him and Gabriel (Zobek used it on Gabriel in order to have him kill both his own wife, Marie, and his ally, Claudia).

At the end of the game, after Zobek had been burned alive while wearing the Devil Mask, it remains lying on the ground behind Gabriel as the credits roll, having been seemingly abandoned by its previous wearer, the first implication that Zobek is alive.



  • When Zobek holds the mask in his hand it appears in its normal grey color, but when he first puts it on, it seems to turn bronze. It reverts to its normal color after Zobek's transformation completes itself.
  • It is unknown what powers the mask possessed. Conceivably, they would mirror that of the God Mask, but evil in nature. However, Zobek states that he used the mask to control Gabriel, implying it had more power than that.
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