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For the Nocturne character with this nickname, see Erzsebet Báthory.

"The devourer of light who will eat the sun. She summons an eclipse, plunges the world into darkness, and gives her vampires eternal night."
Richter Belmont after Erzsebet Báthory summons a solar eclipse.

Devourer of Light is the eighth and final episode of the first season, and the 8th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania: Nocturne.


With the Abbot poised to make an unthinkable sacrifice and Erzsebet's plans already in motion, Richter and his allies hurl themselves into battle.


Erzsebet fully incarnates as Sekhmet. Emmanuel attempts to sacrifice Maria, but Tera and the others stop him. Drolta and her minions arrive and Richter, Maria, Mizrak, and Olrox hold them at bay as Tera reads the incantation to send the infernal machine back to Hell, while Annette locates Edouard. Edouard tells her to leave him, as he believes he can reawaken the other night creatures. Annette journeys below to push the machine into the portal, but the incantation is interrupted upon Erzsebet's arrival. Erzsebet easily defeats them all, and seeks to turn Maria into a vampire, which makes Maria terrified. Olrox expresses his love for Mizrak, and urges that they abandon the others, but Mizrak refuses. Olrox leaves alone. Tera offers herself to Erzsebet instead, and she accepts, recognizing the value of Tera's Speaker powers on her side. Tera begs Richter to flee with her daughter. Emmanuel realizes that Tera's sacrifice will not spare Maria or the others from Erzsebet's forces, but is helpless. To his horror, Tera becomes Erzsebet's vampire servant. Richter, Annette, Maria, and Mizrak flee, but are chased down by Drolta. However, Drolta is suddenly killed by the newly arrived Alucard, the son of Dracula.



Tera: "Take me." (Taking Maria's place to become Erzsebet's thrall, shocking Maria, Emmanuel, and Richter)
Erzsebet: "It has to be someone he loves."
Tera: "He loves me. Ask him."
Maria: "What are you doing?"
Drolta: "Interesting. Maybe he does. The holy man, tempted by sins of the flesh. But it wouldn't be any old tempation, no, no, no, no, no. It would be something worth risking damnation for."
Erzsebet: "But the virgin. Shouldn't I have a virgin?"
Tera: "I'm a Speaker A sorcress."
Erzsebet: (Recognizing Tera) "I remember you. You killed your own sister."
Tera: "Think what a vampire I'll be. Powerful. Devoted."
Maria: "Mum, please!"
Erzsebet: (Questioning Emmanuel) "Do you love her?"
Tera: "I am the ram, Emmanuel."
Maria: "What are you talking about?! What you are doing?!"
Erzsebet: "Do. you. love her?"
Tera: "God has given you the ram."
Emmanuel: (Tearfully) "Absolutely. I love her with all my heart."
Maria: "No!"


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