SOTN Alucard Main Portrait

Alucard is the most well known dhampir in the Castlevania series.

Dhampirs are the half-breed children of a vampire and a human, with all the strengths of vampires, and, save the thirst for blood, few or none of their weaknesses (Alucard, while seen breathing, lacks a reflection and is hurt by water without the right relics in Symphony of the Night). Certain sources indicate that even the thirst for blood do not carry on to the dhampir children.


According to lore, dhampirs were very useful to the superstitious community because, being part vampires, they could recognize another vampire, even if they were invisible or had transformed into an animal. A town could hire them for a fee to find and kill a vampire. Much of the time, the dhampir could talk to the vampire and convince them to leave. Some dhampirs resent their vampiric lineage and act as human hunters do, going on campaigns to kill the vampires that seem to be causing trouble. Dhampirs that follow this path in life would join gangs of hunters to track down vampires, and even their own family in some instances. Naturally, the human hunters were more than pleased for gaining an immortal member with inside information.

Known dhampirsEdit



  1. Akumajō Densetsu instruction booklet: ドラキュラ公は自らの力を絶大なものにするため、その身を悪魔に売り渡すまでになっていたが、それだけでは満足せず、自分の息子にまで悪魔との契約を行うよう強要したのである。"Dracula sold his own soul to the Devil in order to increase his power, but he was not satisfied by that alone and forced his son into the contract."