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Diana Caroline Garnett, better known by her stage name, Diana Garnet, is an American born voice actress and J-pop singer from Washington D.C., currently residing in Tokyo, Japan and affiliated with Soli Consultants. She is signed to Mastersix Foundation under Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

She voiced Joule and Lumen in the English dub of Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime, Neneko Kosugi in Gal Guardians: Demon Purge, and provided the voices in the Genshin Impact shorts voicing Dehya in Nameless Road (2022) and Klee in Progenitor: The Shogunate (2023). She also voiced Ayako Katagiri Bomber, Jehuty Bomber and Princess Tomato Bomber in Super Bomberman R.

Garnet voiced Maria Renard in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls in both youth version (based on her appearance in Rondo of Blood) and adult version (based on her appearance in Symphony of the Night).


Born in Washington, D.C., Diana was influenced by her father, a fan of anime and manga, and grew up interested in Japanese culture. In particular, she was greatly impressed, and influenced by Japanese music used in anime, which motivated her to pursue a singing career in Japan.

Her interest in the country was further sparked by two-year-long exchanges in Japan in both high school and university. Upon graduating from university, she relocated to Tokyo, Japan to work as an Assistant Language Teacher while doing freelance narration and vocals for radio and advertisements. She began uploading covers of anime, J-pop and vocaloid songs on YouTube and Niconico, gaining popularity and attention under her alias of "Tonkhai". This eventually led to an appearance on NTV's singing competition Nodojiman The World, where she won the Spring 2013 edition.

Following her victory, she signed with Sony Music Artists, and made her major debut on October 22, 2013, with her first single Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru, containing three cover songs. She held three release events at the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, the Aeon Mall Kisogawa and Abeno Cues Town to commemorate the single, and promoted her release by appearing on music shows as Nippon TV's Music Dragon ~Ongaku Ryū~ and tvk's Mirai Teiban Kyoku ~Future Standard~, as well as radio shows like MBS Radio's MBS Utagumi Smile×Songs and FM NACK5's The Nutty Radio Show: Onitama, conversing solely in the Japanese language.

The songstress held a series of release events nationwide from November 27 to January 13, 2014. She promoted her album by appearing on music shows like TBS' 'Count Down TV' and TV Tokyo's Premia MelodiX!. The title track of her overall second and first original single, "Spinning World", released on February 11, 2015, was used as the ending theme song for the anime Naruto: Shippuden, and grew to one of the most beloved songs to her fans, garnering it an additional, well-received lossless version for music downloads. She promoted her first theme song feature with release events in the Tower Records' chain store in Hiroshima and Onoda SunPark in Sanyo-Onoda. She also appeared on TV shows like TV Tokyo's 'Animemashite' and variety shows like TV Asahi's Kanjani8 no The Mozart: Ongaku-ou No.1 Ketteisen.




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