The Dodo Egg is a relic which Dracula obtains in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

It can be shattered to summon a small Dodo. The Dodo will then fly to an accessible secret near Dracula's location (usually, but not always, the nearest) and perch on or besides it. It will detect castle key holes, Pillars of Sacrifice and Pain Boxes, but cannot find City Memorials or Brotherhood Knight Scrolls. It cannot be released if a secret is actually visible on screen; a text popup will say Dracula cannot use it now if this is attempted. It also only finds secrets within the current map sector; if all have been found, it cannot be used.

Once it has been released, it will be indicated on the map by a red arrow if it's not near, and a red egg if it's within the visible range of the map. The icon will flash with increasing speed over time, and if Dracula does not find the bird, it will eventually die. It makes a distinctive call when near.

If Dracula does find the secret, the bird will explode in a puff of green gas when he activates it.

The Dodo Egg is based on the traditional enemy, Dodo Bird, found in several other Castlevania games.

Item Data

Item Data: Dodo Egg
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Dodo Egg Icon.png Dodo Egg - Lords of Shadow 2, Revelations (DLC) [edit]
Their eggs hold a privileged place on the shelf of Chupacabras' Shop under the slogan: "Buy it now and discover a secret!".(...) Secondary Weapon (Relic)
Dracula, Alucard 
Sequence: With the Dodo Egg selected, press and hold [Secondary Weapon] to use it.
Dodo Egg - Lords of Shadow 2 [edit]
The newly hatched Dodo has a special gift for finding hidden secrets nearby, squawking beside it and marking it on the area map. However, these magic beings will only stay visible for a while and will soon vanish. Skill (Secondary Weapon)
Dracula, Alucard 
Sequence: Dodo Egg selected: Sold [Secondary Weapon]





  • Besides finding hidden secrets Dodo Eggs only other use is to be transmuted into other Relics viaTransmutation Rune obtained in the Relic Rune Pack DLC and once the player has discovered all the secrets it becomes their only functional use (if this DLC is not present they simply become useless Relics). As a result, the Transmutation Rune gives them a useful secondary function as sort of back-up ammo that can be transmuted into other Relics such as Tears of a Saint, Ensnared Demon, and Stolas' Clock. They share this secondary back-up ammo function with the Seal of Alastor (after all skill and full mastery is achieved).
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