The DoubleAxe Armor is an enemy in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. It is an elite Axe Armor warrior who wields two axes with deadly precision.


These enemies are first encountered in the Burnt Paradise, and later in the Nest of Evil. While at first the DoubleAxe Armor may seem like a minor improvement over the regular Axe Armor, he can prove to be a lethal foe if not approached carefully. The threat he poses mainly derives on his ability to throw two axes in quick succession, one at normal height and the other at a lower level, forcing the player to either evade or retreat in most cases. To complement his repertoire, he can quickly unleash powerful energy waves in succession which travel forward at great speed.

Both of these attacks, in conjunction, allow the DoubleAxe Armor to dominate the whole area in front of him, whilst also letting him deal substantial amounts of damage if the player is not careful. These attacks can become extremely dangerous if there are many of them grouped together, as they may not leave any breathing room for the player to fight back.

An easy way to defeat them consists in casting the Holy Lightning Dual Crush, which at the time these enemies are encountered, should be easily affordable to the player, allowing to destroy them and disable all of their attacks in a single cast.

A room in the Nest of Evil is inhabited by five of these enemies. If the player can manage to land between them and quickly cast Holy Lightning, they can all be defeated in a single cast. Two appear further on in another room along with an Iron Golem. Again, a quick cast of Holy Lightning should be enough to dispatch them so the player can focus in dealing with the golem alone.

Enemy Data

No. Name JPN HP
122 DoubleAxe Armor 191
Tolerance Weakness
Ice Strike, Whip, Electric
Location Common Drop Rare Drop EXP SP
Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil Berserker Mail Super Potion 287 14
Description "An elite Axe Armor warrior who wields two axes with deadly precision."

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