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Dracula's Army is an antagonistic military force under Lord Dracula's command that appears in the Castlevania animated series. It is an army conformed by diverse creatures of the night the Vampire Lord gathered to wage a war against all mankind.


These unholy forces are conformed by a vast legion of creatures of the night the Vampire Lord, Vlad "Dracula" Tepes, himself gathered from Hell[1] throughout the course of one year as part of a war campaign against humanity as a whole. Their lines are mainly composed of ferocious monsters which are lead by the lord's many generals; these are in their majority high-profile vampires, with only a couple of humans among their ranks who utilize black arts such as the ability to summon demons and necromancy.

It is worth mentioning that each of these generals is characterized for belonging to a different ethnicity, which range from those prominently seen in Europe —where Wallachia is established— to those found in other continents such as Africa and Asia, implying that Dracula's war is successfully expanding and may in time reach countries such as Turkey, Iran, India, China, Egypt, Libya, and Niger among others, if the war has not already reached them. At the very least, Dracula has influence in these regions.

Despite their formidable numbers and powers, most members of Dracula's Army meet their fate during the events of Season 2, with the only surviving generals being Carmilla, Hector and Isaac.

Known membersEdit


Other membersEdit

  • Apparently, the priest that Trevor used to shield himself with...
  • ...and who is later seen among a pile of bodies, next to the Bishop's...
  • ...was later turned into a horned demon...
  • ...which, ironically, Trevor killed again.



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  • The names of the vampire generals were given by Warren Ellis, according to Sam Deats, who revealed them on his Twitter account.[2]
    • Raman means "beloved" in Hindi.
    • Sharma means "happiness" in Nepali.
    • Chō means "butterfly" in Japanese.
    • Zufall means "coincidence" in German.
    • Dragoslav means "dear glory" in Slavic.


  1. Dracula stating he will gather his army from Hell.
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