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There are two Stage Maps in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, one depicting the lands outside of Dracula's Castle, and another within it. When there's a fork in the path after a stage, the player can move their character toward the next stage they've selected, while "Destiny" is played in the background. When there is no choice, only the sounds of the character's footsteps can be heard as in the first Castlevania.

Design Documents[]

Maps were created that showed the locations of the stages in Wallachia, as well as their position within the game flow. An updated version of the former would become the basis for the Wallachia stage map found in the game. These maps were made available along with English translations in the Book of the Crescent Moon booklet that was included in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, which included both North American and Japanese versions of Dracula's Curse.

Stage Map[]

In this early map, the Town appears further south than the Graveyard surrounding the Church, and is located closer to the Clock Tower. The entrance to the Underground Passage is shown as a skull. The map is otherwise pretty similar to what appeared in the game.

Dracula's Curse Wallachia Concept Map

Game Flow Map[]

Dracula's Curse Gameflow Map


The game featured two maps, one for the stages located outside of Dracula's Castle, and another for those within it.

Stage Map - Dracula's Curse - 01 Stage Map - Dracula's Curse - 05

Path Selection Screens[]

Path Selection Maps[]

Related products[]

NES Game Atlas[]

The NES Game Atlas included a map that depicted the routes described in that guide. The shape of the paths do not match the routes taken through the stage map as seen in the game itself, which tend to be more winding, but is a decent approximation.

NES Atlas Journey Map

Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse - Original Video Game Soundtrack[]

The inner gatefold of the soundtrack's vinyl release consists of maps and artwork of some of the stages found in the game. It depicts each of the stages along the route that Sypha Belnades is encountered in the game, which includes the "A" versions of the stages.

Dracula's Curse Vinyl maps

Warakiya Village (Block 1-01), Clocktower of Untimely Death (Block 2-01), Mad Forest (Block 3-01 and Block 3-02), The Haunted Ship of Fools (Block 4-0A), The Tower of Terror (Block 5-0A), The Causeway (Block 6-0A), Castle Courtyard (Block 7-0A), Main Hall (Block 8-01), Inner Halls (Block 9-01), Dracula's Final Clock Tower (Block A-01)

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